Wanted: Weapons of Fate PC Cheats and Unlockable Characters

Wanted: Weapons of Fate PC Cheats and Unlockable Characters
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Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a third-person shooter featuring slick action game-play. Combining mechanics such as slow motion and bullet curving with shoot and cover gun play it is a short, linear adventure in the same mould as the film. Any review of Wanted: Weapons of Fate will tell you it is fairly polished and quite fun but far from innovative. The single player progression is just a few hours but there are some tricky moments along the way and you may want to get your hands on some cheats in order to complete it. You may also be looking to extend the replay factor and there are some interesting codes available which will do just that.

Cheat Codes

You can enter these codes into the code menu on the title screen and activate the cheats described. Some of the codes allow you to play as different characters but sadly the cut scenes in Wanted: Weapons of Fate are pre-rendered so you’ll still appear to be Wesley during the cut scenes.

  • Unlimited Ammunition – 01101111
  • Unlimited Adrenaline – 01101101
  • Health Boost – 01001100
  • Super Weapons – 01001111
  • Special Suit – 01100001
  • One Shot Kill – 01110010
  • Headshot Mode – 01100111
  • Cinematic Mode – 01110100
  • Close Combat Mode – 01100101
  • Play as Wesley – 01000011
  • Play as Cross – 01010100
  • Play as Janice – 01000110
  • Play as Airplane Bodyguard - 01010111

Unlockable Characters

There are also some unlockable characters in Wanted: Weapons of Fate and they become playable when you complete the corresponding task. Here are the unlockable characters and how to unlock them.

  • The Immortal – Complete the Game
  • Nightmare – Complete the Game in Close Combat Mode
  • The Original Spider – Beat the Spider Boss in the Game
  • Brummel – Beat Brummel in the Game
  • The Russian – Beat The Russian in the Game
  • SWAT Leader – Beat SWAT Leader in the Game
  • Airplane Bodyguard – Complete the Game on Headshot Mode (or enter the code above)

Replay Value?

There are various other bits of unlockable content in the game but none of it is special. Artwork and new character models or outfits add nothing to the experience. Even the additional game-play modes are uninspired. The Headshot Mode for example merely challenges you to play through the game killing everyone with a headshot.

The unlimited ammo and adrenaline along with the boost to the size of your health meter are potentially useful. However the game is not all that challenging to begin with so you may find you don’t really need them either.