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PC Gaming

Real-Time Strategy Video Games: What are they?

A good real-time strategy game can be a blast to play. But if you’re new to the genre, what should you know before you begin? There are new terms to learn, most of which are very similar from game to game, and a description of the features of a RTS game will help you no matter which game you play.

PC Strategy Games Online

If you are a parent or teacher and have been looking for the perfect pc game for your home or class you have come the the right place. These PC Strategy games can be incorporated into any curriculum or used for fun.

The Impact of DRM Protection On PC Gaming

DRM protection has slowly but surely played a part in damaging and harming the PC games market. Finding new ways to hinder pirates has had the side effect of harming paying customers of the game. Read on for more on this phenomenon, detailing the impact of DRM protection on PC gaming.

Dog Fight Games: Fighting In the Air

Going to war is never an easy task, especially when you and your opponent are fighting like cats and dogs. These dog fight games will reintroduce you to how to really survive during air raids, torpedo blasts and dodging fighter jets.

Point and Click Adventure Games for PC: A Guide

The Adventure Game is a classic computer game genre that stands out for its creativity, strong storylines, and puzzles. In this guide you’ll be introduced to the genre and its most important features, so you’ll be prepared if you decide to give one of these challenging and intriguing games a try.