Can MMO Game Character-Based Relationships Bloom Into Real Ones? How Online Gaming May Turning Into Dating

It’s great when you find someone you like to play with online, sometimes you set up times when you can play together or your just wait for each other to come online. A good chemistry can sometimes come through the game and enter your life, but does it last? Can a relationship be it friendly or more can the partnership you had in the game with each other work in the real world?

You’ll meet lots of people if you play online games, some you won’t get along with at all, some you like to play with, and some people will infect you with their personality, but does that infection last are relationships from the gaming world real? When a person creates an avatar for themselves some argue that they are putting all their fantasies in it, and maybe a fantastic personality as well so you can never be sure if their personality is true.

Some people take a different view of the MMO relationships relaying the fact that you can’t judge a person on their physical attraction, but on their personality alone, and that your are interacting with a real person no matter what with real thoughts and feelings. So whatever they put into their avatar is a part of their personal selves. In most recent studies it is shown that women are more prone to online relationships then men, both with flitting and actually physically dating after meeting online.

But isn’t this true of most women whether they are in real life relationships or MMO relationships? Women have been proven to follow their hearts and ask questions later. But reality is that about 29% of females and about 8% or males have actually taken their online relationship out into the real world and started dating. That is an amazing number for many who start out as Druids, Dwarfs, Heroes, Villains, and so many other characters to real life people.

So does this mean that MMO’s have now become not only a place to play and have fun but also a dating site? With the development of the internet and MMO’s it appears that even a game can bring out the love in all of us.

Can this love turn into real love?

MMO Relationship
MMO love in awesome costumes

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Screenshots were taken by Victoria Trix of her City of Heroes character along with her boyfriend’s character. No we did not fall in love in an MMO but have found that the MMO is a great way to grow our love for each other.