Gaming Tips: Improve your gaming with a better posture and breathing

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Sit Up and Listen

Proper posture and breathing are often overlooked by PC gamers, resulting in persistent discomfort and reduced levels of performance. Good keyboard and mouse positioning can also help you focus on your gaming while maintaining comfort, particularly if you’re going to be sitting in the same place for a long time. Few gamers even think of these simple steps that help to improve your mental state, giving you a leg up over the competition. If you have never given much thought to maintaining proper posture and breathing before, breaking the habit of slouching and uneven or mouth breathing requires concentration and vigilance. The reward is a reduction in back pain, greater overall health and better results from your gaming.

If you’re having trouble getting deep breaths every time you inhale and exhale, take a break for a moment. Close your eyes. Start breathing slowly through your nose as deeply as you can. Do this ten times. You should find it easier to breathe evenly after performing that exercise. Every time that you detect your breathing patterns slipping, perform that exercise once again to get that back on track. Once you get in the habit, you might be shocked at how light headed you feel from all the additional oxygen you’re getting. This will help you function at peak mental capacity. Remaining properly hydrated as well will help make sure that you are gaming at your very best.

Don’t use a reclining chair while you’re at your PC. It encourages slouching that leads to back problems and makes it more difficult to breathe easily. Use a comfortable chair with a straight back. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, and keep your feet flat on the ground, parallel to one another and facing forward. Again, it takes time to get into good habits, but it will do wonders for your focus at your PC. Figuring this out is like discovering that you have super powers that you never knew about. You’ll feel more awake and alert, and it’ll be much more comfortable for you to sit for extended gaming marathon sessions than it might have been if you were slouching. The additional oxygen that you get from proper breathing has a strong stimulant effect that will make you more alert and less prone to mistakes. Spread it throughout your clan or guild and be amazed at the tangible changes you achieve simply from altering your posture.