Drift City: The Best Free Racing MMORPG - Review of Drift City, a Free Racing MMO Game

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A REAL racing MMO.

The need for speed in a multiplayer environment has finally been achieved! Well, it has been for awhile now, but this MMO is aimed at hardcore PVP. There is, of course, PvE, but from our understanding, is meant to increase the amount of money you have. Racing against other players will earn you experience and money as well but not as fast as questing.

Levels are a core part of this MMO as it will determine what kind of car you can obtain. The cars range in a “V” standard ranging in numbers 1-9. The higher the number, the better your car will be overall.

Questing consists of receiving missions from OMD. The OMD is a secret organization very similar to the CIA but is aimed at catching UMD’s and advancing Mittron fuel technology. Your car however runs on Mittron and is the only resource your car can use. The quests are average but fun nonetheless. Especially chases.

You are tasked with finding UMD’s (located on your minimap) and chasing them down. Once you have caught up to them, you must bash your car into them until they are destroyed. This is actually quite a pain especially if you are a higher level and in the third or fourth city. Other quests include running courier missions and racing against other players in the arena. Most of the rewards are randomized as they want to make sure you take all quests.

The only downfall to this game as is the case with most free MMO’s, is the item shop. Although the item shop does offer some really cheap prices to boost your car, they only last for a set period of time. Even some of the colors for your paint. It really depends on your wallet if you wish to buy upgrades or cosmetics as only some of the things you can buy will affect your gameplay.

In our next article, we will cover more of the lore surrounding Mittron Island and the way the city works. Until then you can download and play Drift City by going to www.ijji.com.