Neverwinter Nights: Guide to the Deck of Hazards

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The Deck of Hazards cards in the Neverwinter Nights PC game are rare and will allow a character to draw one, two, or even three cards. Once the player uses this deck of cards it will remove itself from their inventory completely. These are the cards in the Deck of Hazards card set in Neverwinter Nights.

Good Cards

The Mentor Card – This will let the player gain 10,000 experience points and allow for two extra cards to be drawn.

The Hoard Card – This will give the player 50 to 100,000 gold instantly into their inventory.

The Oracle Card – This card will grant the player a permanent premonition effect for the length of the module.

The Avatar Card – This card will transform the caster into an avatar of their alignment.

The Hatchling Card – This created a wyrmling of alignment appropriate color to follow the player like a summoned creature until it is damaged. When damaged it will transform to a dragon to fight on the player’s behalf to slay your enemies and then vanish.

The Fountain Card – This will allow all of the player’s items to be recharged and makes stacked items fill to their maximum capacity.

The Bequest Card – This will let the player gain a major unique magical item.

Bad Cards

Prince of Lies Card – This will make the player get two extra cards and will lose 10,000 experience points.

The Donjon Card – If a donjon area is readily available, player will be put there.

The Knave Card – All items that are not plot possessions will be destroyed if not equipped.

The Traitor Card – This will change the player to a diametrically opposed alignment at once.

The Plague Card – Gives a permanent disease to player for the length of the module.

The Wyrm Card – This will summon a hostile dragon to where the player is.

The Looking Glass card – The player’s henchman becomes an evil doppelganger.

As you can see there are some good cards and bad cards in the Deck of Hazards. The question when you get this remains…do you feel lucky?