The Red Dragon Disciple Prestige Character Class in Neverwinter Nights

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Introduction to the Red Dragon Disciple

The Red Dragon Disciple is perhaps one of the most interesting prestige classes available, since, aside from the many abilities in strength and constitution offered, you are also able to grow wings as you reach high-levels. This prestige-class is only suitable to the Bard or Sorcerer class, since it is believed that, due to their blood-lines, these two classes are the only ones able to pursue the discipline of Dragons.

This character class is skilled at fighting and can also cast a number of spells which multiply his or his companions' abilities. Although no extra weapon proficiencies are gained when choosing the class, it is a greatly powerful prestige class as you can reach hit-points levels of over 300, and also build incredible Armor Class points. The AC points are also increased with your spells and various abilities, and as a primary weapon you can use fire-breath or similar.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

The skills featured are concentration, spellcraft and discipline which are useful for any mage. You also get the craft skills and some skills like heal. The requirements for this class are:

  • You must have chosen a Bard or a Sorcerer as your base character class in order to become a Dragon disciple.
  • You must have at least 8 points in the Lore skill.

Some Feats acquired

As mentioned, this prestige class is rich in feats, and it offers some very powerful ones assuming you are willing to stick to it until the higher levels. The main feats available are:

Draconic Armor (All Levels) – This is an ability which increases as you gain levels. Aside from gradually changing into a dragon, in terms of skin-appearance, you will also gain a point bonus to your AC, which adds 1 point per level.

Dragon Abilities (Levels 2, 4, 7, 9, 10) – The feat grants various bonuses to your character attributes. These are: +2 to Strength at levels 2 and 4, +2 to Constitution at level 7, +2 to Intelligence at level 9 and a +4 to Strength and +2 to Charisma at level 10.

Dragon Breath (Levels 3, 7, 10) – You literally breathe fire with this feat, which is what you’d expect of any Red Dragon-like creature. The damage increases in the various levels.

At level 9, your character will grow wings.