The Purple Dragon Class in Neverwinter Nights - Prestige Classes in the Neverwinter Nights PC Game

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The Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr are considered highly honourable across the land of Faerun, and it isn’t easy to enter such a Knightly order due to their adventurous nature and them being notably heedless of danger. The Purple Dragons are loyal to their King, and have a long military tradition in their defence of the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr. Like any other Knightly order they have a hierarchy and ranks which are strictly respected.

Aside from the actual lore surrounding the Purple Dragon army, you can take a level of this class as any character you wish. There are no restrictions as to what race or class can play a Purple Dragon Knight, although obviously characters oriented towards combat usually favour better. However, oddly enough, a popular choice when playing a Purple Dragon Knight is a Bard. Remember that Charisma is an important attribute when playing this class, due to some of the spells involved.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

In order to play this class your character must be aligned as non-evil and non-chaotic. Although Knights can play as evil characters, most often in the form of Blackguards or opposing-faction Knights (i.e. the Nerakans in the Dragonlance campaign), it isn’t the case for Purple Dragons who are defenders of the emperor and defenders of the free-will of the people. All the usual skills will be available to you as a Purple Knight, including the craft skills, persuade and lore. Additionally, you will also be able to ride a horse with the ride skill. Requirements for the class:

  • Base Attack of +4
  • You need to be able to fight whilst riding a horse (Mounted combat). This requires 1 point of the Ride skill.
  • 1 point in Intimidate
  • 2 points in Listen
  • 1 point in Persuade
  • 2 points in Ride
  • 2 points in Spot

The Purple Dragon Knight class only has 5 levels, not the usual 10.

Some Feats acquired

Here are some of the feats acquired:

Heroic Shield (Level 1) – You can boost your allies’ Armor Class by 4 points for a single round.

Fear (Level 3) – A common fear spell, which you are able to use once a day.

Final Stand (Level 5) – You can boost the hitpoints of all your allies in the area of combat by 2D10 (depending on the roll). This is calculated by your level plus your Charisma modifier.