Neverwinter Nights Prestige Classes - Guide to the Assassin Prestige Character Class

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Introduction to the Assassin Prestige Class

The Assassin prestige class provides a good addition, should you have based your initial character build primarily on stealthy attributes. The class doesn’t have any particular racial or class limitations, which means that as long as you assign points to feats which use stealth (i.e. Hide) you can choose a level of Assassin.

These types of characters often like to refer themselves as ‘contractors’, understandably, due to the fact that admitting to being an Assassin generally doesn’t go down too well, not only at cocktail parties. Essentially this character has a ‘Rogue’ character base, or can build on previous skills, feats and abilities attributed to the Rogue character class. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose a Rogue in order to become an Assassin; you can for instance have a Cleric as your base-build, with equally powerful Stealth attributes, and turn him into a shifty-type of character eventually.

The Assassin is always an evil character: therefore you must have an evil alignment in order to choose this prestige class.

Race, Skills and Feats requirements

As mentioned there are no limits as to the class or race you can choose, as long as you maintain your evil alignment: it isn’t important whether your character is lawful (i.e. a cleric) or chaotic (i.e. a Barbarian). The other main requirements for this prestige-class are:

  • You must have at least 8 levels of both the Hide skill and the Move Silently skill.

Some Feats acquired

Aside from the proficiency in simple-type weapons, and the ability to wear light-armor, you will also acquire other skills such as craft trap or use magic device. These aren’t overly important, however, as they are also available with most other classes. Some of the feats which you will acquire, as you gain levels, are:

Use Poison (Level 1) – With this feat you will be able to apply poison to a blade without ever failing. A normal character can apply poison to blades but will roll a dexterity check, which if failed can result in poisoning themself and failing to apply the poison. In the case of an Assassin, this doesn’t happen.

Darkness (Level 5) – You can cast a spell of Darkness to blind your foes, whilst inflicting damage normally in combat.

Improved Invisibility (Level 9) – Allows you to cast a more durable invisibility effect once a day. The normal Invisibility spell is available at Level 7.