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History of PC games in the 2000s

This article covers the history of PC games from 2000 up to the present, and examines the biggest trends throughout the decade. This includes the FPS revolution, the rise of 3D, the rebirth of adventure games and the birth of the Havok physics engine. Read more below to see these historic changes.

Early Video Game Soundtracks

If you remember the games of the 1990’s, then surely the music is something that brings about a lot of nolstagia. Here are some of the best gaming soundtracks that offer all the sound bytes you surely remember or want to discover.

Explaining the Success of Bioware Games

From the mainstream success of Jade Empire to the sheer usefulness of Never Winter Nights to the scope of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect, and the likeability of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Bioware games have set standards for gamer enjoyment since the company’s inception.

The Best Action Games for Girl

An action game that girls would enjoy does not have to be full of smiles and sunshine, it all depends on how the game was made and how it stands up on its own and be an enjoyable game full of twists and turns and of course, heart pumping action.

Hottest Games of 2011

Want to know what the gaming world has is in store for 2011? Then this is the article for you. Read about the hottest upcoming games and see why they are the most anticipated games of 2011. Clear the calendar, these heavy hitters make this the year of the Gamer.

So, You Want To Be A Video Game Writer?

Writing about video games is a tough gig. It can often be hard to enter the journalism side of things and harder still to enter some form of writing or design role at a game creating company. This article attempts to provide a guide on how to start on your quest to writing about or for video games.

How to Fix Scratched Games at Home

There isn’t anything more frustrating in the world of gaming then when you are just about to reach the final boss battle or complete the quest you’ve been working when your game locks completely. Sometimes this is caused by a scratched disk.This guide will show you how to fix those scratched games.