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An eclectic collection of of articles on popular and retro video games that do not neatly fit into the genres featured on the site. AlteredGamer.com provides video game walkthroughs, reviews, beginner and advanced game play guides, cheats, and more, all written by experienced gamers.

Evochron Mercenary Review

Though Evochron Mercenary’s seamless universe, Newtonian-ready physics, and modular ship system are certainely worthy of note, its lack of depth and polish ultimately makes one wish that other developers would simply copy and expand upon these features.

Guide to Portal 2 Level 1 Walkthrough

As with any puzzle game the puzzles at the beginning of Portal 2 are simple, but the complexity of the idea of Portal 2 means that a new player may find the game frustrating at the beginning. This will give you a Portal 2 level 1 walkthrough ensuring you get a good footing before advancing.