The Weapons of Rage – Starting Out

Rage is a fairly old school FPS, which means that you have an entire arsenal on your back, some of which is completely ridiculous in its power. If you’d like to learn more about when to use which of your killing implements, just look for some tips below.

Rage Walkthrough – The Wasted Garage

If you’re going to make it anywhere in the wasteland, you’ll probably need to get something a bit more powerful than the borrowed ATV. If you’re willing to kill some bandits, you can get the parts to fix up your new dune buggy, and you might even be able to make the run to Wellspring.

Rage Walkthrough – The Dead City

Things are going to get a little crazy. We’re not just raiding hideouts anymore. Our work for Mayor Clayton will led us to Doctor Kvasir, which will eventually take us to the mutant infested dead city. If you can manage to fight your way out, you’ll end up battling bandits for the Wellsprings well.

Rage Walkthrough – The Blue Line Station

We’re in a new place, but things aren’t exactly going well for us. We need to convince Redstone that we’re valuable, which means taking on a subway station full of mutants and setting off a whole lot of explosives in the process. If you need some help, just look inside.