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Cheats, reviews, walkthroughs — what more could a gamer ask for, besides a couple thousand bucks for a new surround sound system and a 60” plasma? We can’t help you with that. But we can offer you tons of resources on your favorite games and retro classics, from COD to Skyrim, WoW and much more. We know when you’re not gaming you’re searching for tips on modding, playing or beating your game. Find that here, along with news and updates on gaming hardware, advice from other gamers, and debates on controversial subjects.

All articles, reviews and guides are written by gamers like you. Topics are set up by game, genre and platform.

AlteredGamer.com was created to better meet the demands of a growing gaming community following our first website, BrightHub.com. The site is owned by Bright Hub, Inc., a venture-backed media company, currently managing seven websites and growing.

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