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5 games for the Holidays

As the festivities approaches, many kids are in the hunt of the latest video game but not only kids, enthusiastic adults who are also eager to play new adventures for the holidays. It is true that for this winter we are going to have a lot of games, not only for P.C. but for the home consoles. But with a wide market, which games to buy?

Researching on the internet it is a good option, a way to discover what to buy without heading to the stores, well with this list I hope to give a direction on what to buy for the 2008 Christmas.

The List:

Spore: The ultimate Sim-City experience, but from a Darwin point of view, it is really fun to see how the creatures evolve as their societies. Part of the game concept is not new, it was shown almost 13 years ago in a videogame called Evolution, which held a similar premise about evolving creatures.

Alone in the Dark: The first game was amazing; this new version is a blast to play. You play as Edward Carnby the protagonist of the saga in an eighth episode game that centers on a mystery below Central Park. The screenplay it’s excellent, they game offers a great narrative as its first part; you just feel the chill every moment as if you were on a H.P. Lovecraft novel.

Left for Death: In my opinion one of the best zombie games ever, it’s like playing in a George Romero movie, and it will be soon on the market November 19 in the United States and November 21 in Europe. The graphics of the game as the story line are an “A”, for the survival and zombies enthusiasts this is a game that must have.

World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King: An expansion pack to the MMORPG, it will be in the market on November 13. My words to describe this expansion are that it looks promising and interesting, and the best thing about it is that it will introduce the Death Knights to the expanding world of Warcraft. One of the improvements in the game is in the ice scenarios, making them look real.

Alan Wake: A spiritual sequel to Max Payne, this game is looking awesome but the only contradiction I have, it’s that is not going to be available for now and the answers given by Lasse Sappanen are always the same “When it’s done”, so far so now we only have gotten a few images from the E3 Convention and a mysterious video. However, heres hoping the game reaches the shelves in time for Christmas!