Matthew Weber

Halo Reach Master Chief Easter Egg

Halo Reach takes place before the prior Halo titles and features a squad of Spartans called Noble Team. Typically the series’ protagonist has been Master Chief, a Spartan clad in green Mjolnir armor. Chief is synonymous with the Halo franchise, so it’s appropriate he make an appearance in Reach.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Review

The undead rise again to wreak havoc on the city of Las Vegas. For former motocross superstar Chuck Greene, this outbreak is personal. His daughter Katey has been bitten, and saving her is a race against time. Case Zero acts as a prologue to Dead Rising 2, and gives a good taste of what to expect.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough

It’s been two years since the zombie outbreak in Willamette. A fresh outbreak festers in Las Vegas, rendering it an undead war-zone. Former motocross star Chuck Greene has escaped with his daughter Katey, but not without consequence. Our walkthrough will guide you and Chuck through the zombie horde.

DeathSpank Review

DeathSpank is the latest game from Ron Gilbert, creator of the beloved Monkey Island series. DeathSpank brings the same sharp wit and humor found in Gilbert’s past titles and fuses it with hack-and-slash RPG gameplay. It’s a wild and wacky adventure from start to finish and comes highly recommended.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Review

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite boasts an incredible amount of content. There are hundreds of quests to conquer, thousands of unique equipment upgrades, and a horde of monsters to slay. It is a rewarding experience, but stodgy camera controls and a steep learning curve may mean its not for everyone.

Punch Out!! Wii Review

Punch-Out!! wallops the Wii with innovative and inventive gameplay, but ultimately lacks the depth to become a true classic. Despite its flaws it provides fun, engaging boxing for newcomers and stalwart Punch-Out fans alike.

Wii Gamers Madworld Video Game Review

Madworld is an ultra-violent romp through a black, white, and red all over world that really rocks the senses and hypes up the entertainment value for the Wii. It is one of the best and most playable mature-titles for the Wii console available, and a cannot miss adrenalin ride.

Unreal Tournament 3 Cheat Codes and Hints

Unreal Tournament 3 has a number of codes you can enter to give you an associated bonus and make the experience of playing this difficult game a lot more fun and entertaining, especially for the casual player, who wants to spend quality time with this title, but isn’t planning on making it a career.