John Hewitt

Free Age of Conan Custom Interface Guide

Looking for an advantage in Age of Conan? Sick of the standard interface? Download some user interface mods to intensify your experience and fight on the same level as the big guys. Never be starved for information again – trick out your interface today to improve your battle awareness.

Free Age of Conan General Leveling Guide

Don’t let your puny levels get you down in the land of Hyboria! Get to the leveling fields to achieve new heights of power in Age of Conan. Crush your enemies and perk your ears for the lamentations of their women, for that is what is good in life. Ask yourself: what would Conan do?

Guardian Class Strategy Guide

Guardians are powerful front line fighters that choose between using a one handed weapon and heavy shield or polearm. They can empower themselves to take on more punishment than any other class in the game while having the option available to them to do plenty of damage when they need to.