Gustavo Lequerica-Calvo

Wii – Punch Out Walkthrough

Almost 20 years after the first game of Punch Out appeared on the first Nintendo console, a new game with the same name made its debut on the Wii console in 2009, but the new version is completely different from the previous one even if characters like King Hippo and Glass Joe appear.

PSP Game Review – Wolverine Origins

One of the best games of the season is Wolverine: Origins; the game is good in any sense, almost flawless and with a great replay value because it has an amazing gameplay and modern retelling of the Wolverine story. This game is a must in every video gamer collection as well those fans of Marvel.

The Adventures of Star Fox

Star Fox Adventures is the last game involving Rare and Nintendo together. The game is set in a planet of the Layla System called Sauria where Fox is sent to rescue the planet from the evil General Scales, but the trick is that Fox the only weapon he can use is a staff left by the baffling Krystal.

Playboy: The Mansion

A smart and sexy video game, that takes business simulation games to a whole new level of fun. With Playboy: The Mansion you take the role of “Hef” and your duty is to keep your empire trough a series of missions around the Mansion aided by no other one than the Bunnies.

The World of Diablo 3

“A promising game that has great graphics and a great gameplay” are the words that can be used to describe Diablo 3. Currently the game is in development but the first preview of Diablo 3 was shown in Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide in Paris, France and the preview was amazing.

Wrestling Was Never So Fun: WWE Raw Review

“One of the coolest games ever” is the best way to describe WWE: Raw. Being one of the first fighting games, it was revolutionary for its time because it showed characters in a more dynamic and fluid way. The game also was one of the first to let players to play as their favorite wrestlers

Retro Games: Unreal

Unreal is one amazing game, really fun to play and truly a classic game in the first-person shooter genre made by Epic Games. The game was praised in it’s time since it gave a detailed experience in term of scenarios and playability.

Retro Review: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Originally a comic book character, it found popularity by a series of videogames produced by Acclaim. The first videogame of the series Turok: Dinosaur Hunter we are introduced to Tal’ Set a Native American warrior known as Turok who ends in a land infested with dinosaurs.