Bully for PS2 Cheats and Unlockables

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Bully Cheats

Here are the main cheats for the game and what they will do for your toon:

1. Want unlimited ammo? Simply hold down L1 and then hit UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN in rapid succession.

2. Want some major cash to buy anything you want? Simply hold down L1, and then press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, and then X.

3. Want every weapon that you can pick up in the game without searching them out? Here’s what you do - hold down L1 and then hit UP, UP, UP.

4. For full health for your toon, (not kissing level health though), hold down your L1 button and then press R2, R2, R2.

5. What about those funny Hobo fighting moves that you have heard about in the game? Want ‘em?! Simply hold down L1, then press the following buttons in this order: UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.

Unlockables for Bully

And now for some great unlockables that will have you laughing and playing longer than you wanted to!

1. Every great bully need a fresh carton of eggs. Want yours? Simply finish the mission “The Eggs” and you’ll get that fresh carton of eggs in your dorm.

2. Need to feel important with a sweet - yet funny - Viking Helmet? Easy - gather up all the collectables in the game.

3. Want to be the cool guy at the carnival and earn twice the prize tickets each time you win a game? Simply finish up Photography class 5.

4. Love mommy’s knitting and wish that you had a beautiful holiday sweater to wear? Head into the school office during the winter and pick up your Cheerful Reindeer Sweater!

5. And, what bully is complete without their personal pirate hat?! Easy, just head out to the island near the beach house and beat up the pirate!

6. Need to feel like a ninja occasionally? Well, during Halloween complete the “Big Prank” task. NOTE: This ONLY works during Halloween.

And there you have it! Some fun cheats and unlockables that you can use in game to have some fun and impress your friends!