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Warhammer Online: Tier 3 Scenarios Part 1

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the Tier 3 scenario game play, there are actually 6 different scenarios that you can choose from. Here are the basics of Talabec Dam, High Pass Cemetery, and Black Fire Basin.

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    Talabec Dam

    This Tier 3 scenario is held on Talabecland, which is a floodplain above the River Talabec. For Chaos forces, you are trying to blow the dam to bits, thus flooding the plains below. For the Order forces, you are trying to save the dam and all of your friends below it. This scenario is a 24 versus 24 capture scenario, as you have three different objectives that you have to take over to win. These objectives are the Talabec Dam, the Old Bridge, and an unnamed objective that is near the Chaos respawn point. This is a fun scenario for all to play, even if there isn't a lot of experience to be gained here. This is a 15 minute RvR play, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

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    High Pass Cemetery

    This Tier 3 scenario is a 12 vs 12 one that will have you fighting over the old cemetery in a death match. Basically, kill all of the opposing faction as quickly as possible in a snow-covered cemetery where there is about a waist deep fog that is constantly rolling around. You can hide behind the graves, mausoleums, and other items in the graveyard, making it harder for your enemies to see you – and easier for you to sneak past them. While this one isn't as popular as the others, it's still always fun to give them all a try.

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    Black Fire Basin

    This is another 12 vs 12 scenario that is basically a Dwarf/Greenskin scenario that will give anyone from level 23 on up to 40 the chance to kick some rear. While this one is a capture the flag scenario, it's still a ton of fun since it's all fight and no down time here. You pretty much have to break into the opposing faction's home base, steal their flag, and run like heck. Every flag spot will have three different ways that you can enter – either through the gate, a secret side path, or the broken gate. And, the respawn points actually overlook the areas where you have to defend, so you can get everyone together first to determine where you need to go, and what to protect.

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