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Xbox 360 Character Guide for Tekken 6

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A complete guide to the Alisa Boskonovich character from Tekken 6 - Learn all about her tricks and treats.

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    Alisa Boskonovich Guide

    Special Techniques

    Stop Bit: 1,1

    Overhead Thruster Against Wall: B,B,U/B

    One-Two Coil Punch: 1,2,2

    Thruster Backflip: U,U/B

    Cyclone Mixer: D/F + 1,2,2

    Tenstring: U/B+4,1,1,2,1,1,3+4,3,2,2,

    Cyclone Cracking: D/F + 1,4

    Hangup: B+2+3

    Backup, Leaves Alisa Crouching : D/B + 1

    Double Rocket Punch: B,B+1+2

    Recovery Hook: D/B + 1,1

    Diagonal Rocket: D/B+1+2

    Find Gadget (Juggles): B+1, 1+2

    Model Change Reversal, Reverses High Attacks: B+1+3, 2+4

    Spear Fishing (Juggles): WS +1,2,3, 1+2

    Taunt 2: 1+2+4

    Gigantic Hammer (Juggles): 1+2

    Taunt 1: 1+2+3

    Destroy Form Stance: D+1+2, D/B

    Goody Hop: BT 4

    Overflow: F+1+2

    Happy Propeller: SS+4,1+2

    Worm Attack (Juggles): F, F+1+2,2

    Sandbox: F,F+4

    Twist Slapper: WS+1+2

    Sad Hound: FC, D/F+1+2

    Clockwork: WS+3

    Blasted Double Knuckle: RN 1+2

    Linear Drop Kick: RN 3,4

    Combination Downtime: 2,3,3

    Boot: F+3+4

    Combination Downlink: 2,3,4

    Harpoon Sweep: D+3+4

    Triple Session: F+2,3,3

    Double Ranger (Juggles): 3+4

    Deadlock: D+2, 4

    Dynamic Range (Juggles): B+3+4

    Pickup (Juggles): D/F+2

    Docking Bay (Juggles): U/B+3+4,1+2

    Daisy Chain: D/B+2,2,1+2

    Chip Burner (Juggles): BT 3+4

    Trans-Hammer (Bounds): B+2,1

    Accelerate Kick: 4

    Trans-Accelerate Kick: B+2,4

    Reverse Kick Crush: F+4,4

    Jumper Switch: F,F+2,3

    Optimizer: D+4,1+2

    Overload Knuckle: B,F+2

    Deep Wave: D/B+4

    Snapshot (Juggles): WS+2

    Double Sledding (Bounds): B+4,3

    Dual-Boot: F+3+4

    Double Cut: F,F+3,4

    Quick Access: 3,2

    Spinning Top: B+3

    Destroy Access: F+3,2

    Deep Link: D/B+3

    Double Socket: D/F+3,3

    Triple Low Click: D+3,3,3

    Destroy Form Stance: D+1+2

    Cancel: D/B

    Hertz Blade Flare: BT 1_2

    Shred Chipper: 1

    Evasive Action: (U_D) + 3 + 4

    Hertz Blade: F+1

    Thruster Backflip: (B+3+4)_(B,B)_(U/B,B)

    Low Hertz Blade Scud: D+1

    Spindle Splashing (Bounds): U/F+1+2

    Clock Setting (Hold 2 to increase number of hits): D+2

    Hertz Blade Diablo: F+1+2,1+2

    Marionette: 1+2

    Shred Upper (Juggles): 2

    Hertz Blade Ageis: F+2

    Idling: 3_4

    Dual Boot: (F+3+4)_(F_F)

    Dual-Boot Cancel: ~B

    Evasive Action: ~D

    Blaster Left: 1

    Blaster Right: 2

    Blaster Drill: 1+2

    Item Moves

    Battle Torso: U+1+2

    Naginata: B+1+2+3

    Sample Combos

    F, F+1+2, D+1, WS+1, 2, B+2, 1 (B!), F+2, 2, 3: = 66 points.

    DES 2, U/F+1+2 (B!), N+1+2~F+2, 2, 3 = 64 points.

    D/F+2, D/F+1, 1, B+4, 3 (B!), F+2, 3, 3 = 63 points.

    B+3+4, F+2, F+1, B+4, 3 (B!), F, F+2, 3 = 68 points.

    WS+2, 3+4!~3, WS+4, B+2, 1 (B!), D+4, 1+2 = 71 points.

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