Strategy Games

Command & Conquer

  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 -- Soviet Missions 1 through 4 Strategy Guide/Walkthrough
    The time line for World War II may have been altered, but now the Soviets and the Allies must attempt to overthrow the evil empire of the Rising sun
  • History of Command and Conquer Real Time Strategy Series
    Westwood Studios made the first Command & Conquer PC game. The original game may be long forgotten, but the series lives on. For those who wish to experience these games again, Electronic Arts recently released the 10th Anniversary Edition.
  • Command and Conquer: Generals Review
    Command and Conquer: Generals is an excellent example of a real time ‘strategy’ game because it allows you to take multiple strategic decisions to defeat your opponents. The game employs fair tactics and provides an equal opportunity to a player to fight head-to-head battles with AI opponents.
  • Command and Conquer: Tiberian Twilight Review
    With the release of Tiberian Twilight, Electronic Arts has drawn the Tiberian saga, starting in 1995 Command and Conquer to a close. But is the game worth a purchase?
  • Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars PC Review
    Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars is more than just a graphical update, the additions all add to the already outstanding game play, and improve the experience. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars is simply one of the best real time strategy games you can play.

Company of Heroes

  • Notable Mods For Company of Heroes
    Here are some popular mods for Company of Heroes, should you want to add new campaigns, new theatres or simply cheat your way through with an endless supply of resources.
  • Commands, Cheats and Trainer for Company of Heroes
    Playing COH, like any other RTS, is all about multitasking, meaning being able to quickly move multiple units scattered across the map while planning ahead. Inactive units are simply a waste of resources and don’t help you win. If all this clicking drives you mad, read on for how to cheat.
  • Company of Heroes: Cheats and trainers
    An article looking at which of the cheats are available for the ‘Company of heroes’ game, in case you want to ease your gaming experience.
  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor PC Video Game Review
    Developer Relic Entertainment didn't lie, single player fanatics can skip this game, but multiplayer gamers and online lovers should definitely check this title out. Company of Heroes is a solid introduction for gamers wanting to enlist in RTS or hardcore veterans returning to the front.
  • Company of Heroes Online Preview
    A preview of upcoming online RTS Company of Heroes Online focusing on the customization aspect of the game and how this will benefit the player.


  • A Guide to Darwinia: Common Virus Types
    Darwina has been overwhelmed by a computer virus. The virus manifests itself in many forms. Your mission is to restore order, but to do that you'll have to decide how to deal with a multiple of different foes using different strategies. This guide will help you get started.
  • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 2: Mine and Generator
    Now that you've made a beach-head against the virus in Containment, it is time to start securing the resources to build your own weapons platforms for combating the virus in other areas of Darwinia. This walkthrough covers the Mine and Generator levels.
  • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 4: The Receiver
    The Receiver is a sacred area to all Darwinians. It is where the souls of the dead come back to Darwinia for a second chance at life. The virus has infected it, and is corrupting all of the souls in Darwinian. This guide will help you defeat the virus and reclaim this holy site.
  • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 3: The Yard
    It is time to start really taking the fight to the virus. To do that, you'll need to build Battle Cannons. The only way to do this is to take back the construction yard from the virus!
  • Darwinia Walkthrough Part 1: Garden and Containment
    Your adventure in Darwinia begins. This first section of the Darwinia walkthrough covers Garden and Containment, the first two levels of the game.

Dawn of War 2

  • Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising Review
    "Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising" is the first expansion to THQ and Relic Entertainment's popular 2009 title "Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II." As with past Relic expansions, Chaos Rising adds new units to the original game's armies as well as a new singleplayer campaign and multiplayer faction.
  • Dawn Of War II Wargear: Choose Your Weapon
    One of several RPG elements included in Dawn Of War II is Wargear. Wargear is basically another name for items, such as armor and weapons, which can be added to squads. Wargear isn't hard to grasp, but the lack of documentation on Relic's part means that some nuances are often missed.
  • Dawn Of War II Guide: Space Marine General Strategy
    The Space Marines are a great race for players looking to get into multi-player. You will be familiar with them from the campaign and Space Marine units are hard to kill, which is good for beginners. There are, however, some common pitfalls a new Space Marine player should avoid.
  • The Two Best Dawn of War 2 Mods
    Dawn of War 2 is a great game, and like any great game on the PC, it's been modded. Let's take a look at what Dawn of War 2's craziest and most dedicated fans can offer.
  • Dawn of War 2: Retribution Review
    Dawn of War 2: Retribution is the second expansion to THQ and Relic Entertainment's award-winning Dawn of War 2. Retribution features six campaigns, a new multiplayer race, and adds to the survival mode "The Last Stand." DoW2 Retribution mixes more classic RTS action with Dawn of War II gameplay.


  • Demigod Character Guide: Regulus the Sniper
    Capable of killing enemies at long range with divine wraith, Regulus is the resident long-range killer of the Demigod character line-up. Yet he also has some surprisingly useful mid-range abilities which can surprise unsuspecting opponents.
  • Demigod Character Guide: Keeping It Unclean
    The Unclean Beast is a machine of death, created by the darkest forces known to devour and conquer. Quick and vicious, escaping from the Unclean Beast's vile claws is near impossible, but his lack of hit-points does demand a barbaric finesse.
  • Demigod Character Guide: Heart Of Oak
    While many of Demigod's characters are deadly individuals who appear to represent their own self-interests more than anything else, the same cannot be said of Oak. This noble paladin can raise the spirits of fallen allies to fight on and can assist those allies left standing in a number of ways.
  • Demigod PC Game Review: Failure To Launch
    Gas Powered Game's new multi-player DOTA clone, Demigod, does an excellent job of re-creating and in some ways improving on the gameplay of the famous Warcraft 3 mod. But the game is currently marred by nasty bugs and a retail price which seems too high.
  • The Demigod Launch: Game Reviews And The Evolution of Games
    The launch of Demigod was a disaster, but the game itself is quite good. Should gamers and game reviewers trust that games such as this will clean up launch problems, or is criticism of a short-term problem valid even if it may no longer be relevant in a few weeks or months?


  • Evony Guide: All About Resources
    To get the most out of the MMO game Evony, you need to know how the resource system in the game works. This guide will help you you understand this important part of Evony.
  • Aggressive Advertising from Evony - Racy, Raunchy, Sexy, Spammy
    Evony's bombardment of the internet with their sexy ads and torrents of comment spam are quickly making Evony one of the most controversial and hated websites on the internet. This article looks at some of their more questionable activities.
  • Evony Guide: All About The Town Hall
    This guide explains how the town hall and the information screen works in the MMO game Evony.
  • Evony Guide: All About Combat
    This guide explains how combat works in the MMO browser game Evony. learn how the barracks, map, rally point, and hero units can help you in battle.
  • Evony: Age II PC Review
    Evony Age II is a browser based strategy web game. Players take control of a medieval city as they mine resources, build technology, military units, and attempt to colonize other players on the game map. Evony Age II features enhanced graphics and better game play.

Galactic Civilizations II

  • Galactic Civilizations II Guide: Research For Power!
    Galactic Civilizations II is about conquering the galaxy, so it should come as no surprise that research is important to victory. But it is not enough to merely research - to gain an advantage over your enemy, you have to be smarter with your research dollars.
  • Galactic Civilizations 2 Weapons And Defense Guide
    Before you build warships in Galactic Civilizations 2, you need to know how offenses and defenses work. With a bit of knowledge about the combat system of the game, you can exploit the advantages of both to create unstoppable juggernauts, capable of brushing aside enemy battleships with ease.
  • Galactic Civlizations 2 Guide: Economy
    It's the economy, stupid. This phrase has been used to explain countless political and social phenomena, and it can also be what is needed to succeed at Galactic Civilizations 2. The unique economic system in Gal Civ 2 makes it important to strike a balance between population and tax rate.
  • Galactic Civilizations 2: Colony Guide
    Every space-empire starts at its homeworld. From there, it must expand into the galaxy, one planet at a time. But you're not alone in the darkness of space, and if you wish to avoid extinction, you'll need to learn how to expand your borders quickly.
  • Galactic Civilizations 2 Race Guide: The Evil Races
    Some people are just bad. So goes it with the evil races in Galactic Civilizations 2, all of which are among the most evil fictional races to be found in a game. No matter if you prefer killing billions of your people for profit or eating an enemy's flesh, the evil races are for the truly infamous.

Hearts of Iron

  • Hearts of Iron II: Pathways and Directions for Global Domination
    Hearts of Iron II is one of the few grand games that lets the user choose any direction with regards to grand strategy. Between its openness to customization and multi-decade timeframe, HOI 2 lets the gamer choose how to make any period country participate in the Second World War - or be neutral.
  • Cheat Codes for Hearts of Iron 2
    Unlike a lot of PC games, the cheat codes in Hearts of Iron 2 serve a greater purpose than simply making the game easier to beat. Cheat codes play a huge role in game-start customization, and let the player significantly modify the countries present.
  • Playing Hearts of Iron 2 a Little Differently
    Hearts of Iron 2 is one of the best grand strategy games that deals with the Second World War. Exhaustively researched and simple to play, HOI2 and its expansions let users take control of almost any historic country between 1936 and 1953 and lead it to glory or defeat.
  • Hearts of Iron 3 Guide: Research
    Hearts of Iron 3 is a very complex game, and this includes research. The research screen can be very intimidating at first. This guide will break it down and make it easy to understand what everything means.
  • Starting the Clock – A Hearts of Iron III Quick Start Guide
    Something as simple as moving a unit involves making many decisions in HoI III. The UI is actually very efficient in this regard, once you know how to use it. Read on and march to victory!

League of Legends

  • Champion Guide for Wukong in League of Legends
    Interested in learning the ins and outs of Wukong? This champion guide will give you tips to mastering Wukong's abilities, as well as battle strategies, item management, and the roles in which Wukong is able to be played. Take a look inside to learn the secrets of The Monkey King.
  • League of Legends - Champion Guide for Riven
    Do you need a little help becoming a master of Riven's skills? This guide focuses on battle strategy, item management, Riven's abilities, as well as ally and enemy team composition. If you want to learn more about putting The Exile to good use, look inside.
  • League of Legends: Dominion Strategy Guide
    League of Legends, also known as LOL by enthusiasts, offers a less structured mode of game play called Dominion. Even though it's less structured, you must plan ahead for effective execution with your teammates.
  • Playing as Teemo: The Swift Scout
    Learn how to play Teemo in League of Legends - the cutest, most dangerous little champion in the game!
  • League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DOTA Terminology Explained
    Are you just starting out playing one of these multiplayer online battle arena games? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll want to know the lingo to dominating your opponents and talk the talk.

Majesty II

  • The Ultimate Guide to Majesty 2
    A comprehensive guide to the Majesty 2 game and its expansion packs. If you enjoy playing this “Fantasy Kingdom Sim" game, battling it out in Ardania, or having your own monster kingdom, this guide will be sure to help you along the way!
  • Majesty 2 – The Advanced Campaign Missions (Part 2)
    The advanced campaign missions in Majesty 2 have interesting challenges. In part 2 of this Majesty 2 walkthrough, there are spoilers and detailed strategy tips for the Big Trouble and the Baron’s Bill.
  • Majesty 2 – The Advanced Campaign Missions Walkthrough (Part 1)
    The advanced campaign missions in Majesty 2 have interesting challenges. In part 1 of this Majesty 2 walkthrough, there are spoilers and detailed strategy tips for the Life and Death and Trouble with the Afterlife advanced missions.
  • Majesty 2 - Taking on the Tough Missions (Part 5)
    In this Majesty 2 strategy guide and walkthrough, the challenging Mind Games stand alone mission is discussed. Prevent the dark wizard from turning your heroes into zombies! Helpful strategy tips and map locations are included.
  • Majesty 2 Strategies for Tough Standalone Missions
    In this part of the Majesty 2 walkthrough, two tough standalone missions are discussed. Strategy tips are given for Dangerous Valleys and Battle for Survival on the Plains.

Other Strategy Games

  • Naval Combat Guide for East India Company
    The real time naval warfare in East India Company can be difficult to get the hang of so here is a guide to help you win those battles at sea.
  • Blitzkrieg PC Game as a Test of WWII Blitzkrieg Concepts
    How effective was the blitzkrieg in World War 2? Seventy years after the war, it is difficult to assess the question without getting bogged down in historical debate. But as far as PC games go, Blitzkrieg is sufficiently realistic that it can give some idea to a curious student of military history
  • Escaping the Doomed Planet in Earth 2150
    Earth 2150 is one of the few real time strategy games to have come out of Europe. It was innovative in allowing the gamer to maintain units between missions and in providing the player with a hard deadline by which time a sufficient amount of resources had to have been stored in order to win.
  • Frozen Synapse: Advanced Tips and Tactics
    New players to Frozen Synapse may need some help understanding the basics, but even more experienced players can always stuff some new tricks up their sleeve. In this manual we’ll review some more difficult strategies.
  • Frozen Synapse: The Guide for New Players
    Although it’s not the most difficult turn-based game ever release, Frozen Synapse can still be a bit confusing for newbies. In this guide we’ll discuss the basic so that any new player can start enjoying the campaign and beat a few multiplayer opponents!

Sins of a Solar Empire

  • Sins of a Solar Empire: The Grand Guide for a Grand Strategy Game
    When it debuted, Sins of a Solar Empire offered a grand real-time strategy experience unlike any other game. Since then, several expansions have only improved the title. If you'd like the low-down on this high-brow strategy title, look no further.
  • Are the Pirates in Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy Too Strong?
    Pirates in Sins of a Solar Empire can be devastating to an unprepared player. There's no indication of where in your empire they will strike and bidding wars to determine targets can wipe out the treasure. So are they too strong? Should Sins games be played with pirate attacks turned off?
  • Sins Of A Solar Empire Unit Guide: Advent Units
    The Advent were once part of humanity. They were exiled from humanity for their strange beliefs - and then, centuries later, they returned. But it seems exile may not be so bad, as Advent units have many advanced technologies and abilities. Learn to use them, and the Advent fleet becomes formidable.
  • Key Factors in Sins of a Solar Empire: Homeworld Location and Culture Spread
    The depth of Sins of a Solar Empire is exemplified in its economic and culture subsystems. Subtle variables amidst the vicious laser bolts and lethal energy beams that blast between capital ships to be sure, but properly locating your homeworld and uping the spread of your culture are equally key.
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: A Guide to Diplomacy
    The new Diplomacy expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire offers new options for how players can interact with each other. These new options also mean new strategies can be developed for winning the game. This guide covers the new features in the Diplomacy expansion.


  • Spore PC Cheats and Hints
    A look at cheat codes for the PC simulation game "Spore."
  • New and Improved Spore: Some of the Best Mods
    Released way back in 2008, “Spore" offers some innovative gameplay by combining elements from different game-categories. You can alter the game with mods, which inject new life into a somewhat dated title; keep reading for a list of some popular mods and installing instructions.
  • Spore - Creature Stage and Tribal Stage
    The review of Spore continues with a focus on the Creature and Tribal Stages of the game. These sections start to feel a little more like traditional PC game genres, but they are not as complex and they definitely have their own twists.
  • Spore - Civilization Stage
    During Spore's civilization stage, things really start to pick up. The complexity increases significantly along with the level of difficulty. The game is clearly moving you along steadily as it adds more layers with each stage progression.
  • Spore - The Achievement System and the Cell Stage
    This section of the Spore review addresses the Achievement System and the Cell Stage of gameplay.


Supreme Commander

  • The Ultimate Aeon Super-Weapon
    The Galactic Colossus is the most powerful super-weapon in the Aeon arsenal, and arguably in the game. Built in the tradition of anime style giant robots the Colossus can utterly annihilate ground based units and defenses with its sweeping laser beam. Once one is built, it dominates the ground war
  • ACU Death: How to Avoid Losing in Supreme Commander
    The ACU is one of the most powerful units in Supreme Commander, and certainly the most versatile. It also functions as the player's in-game avatar: if the ACU blows up, its game over. But using the ACU offensively can at times be a key to victory, so using it properly is a vital skill - but risky
  • Supreme Commander 2 Review
    The latest from Gas Powered Games, Supreme Commander 2 is another massive real-time strategy game which can trace its roots back to Total Annihilation. But while the previous games in this franchise were niche, this game tries to be more accessible. Does it work?
  • Supreme Commander Review: Big Battles Bring Big Headaches
    Supreme Commander promises warfare on a massive scale, and it delivers. When it comes to showcasing chaos, no other RTS can match this game. But Supreme Commander is marred by technical difficulties and poor pacing, ruining an otherwise excellent strategy game.
  • Supreme Commander 2 Unit Guide: Cybrans Rule, UEF Drools!
    Join the fight for Cybran independence! The Cybran unit guide gives players of Supreme Commander 2 all the information they need to defeat other players in any match of Supreme Commander 2.

Total Annihilation

  • Total Annihilation for PC: Strategies and the Best TA Maps to Practice Them
    One of the most beloved classic real time strategy games is Total Annihilation for PC. Strategies are of paramount importance in TA, as opposed to many RTS games that despite their genre name are focused primarily on unit tactics. The best TA maps to hone strategy depend on a number of factors.
  • Total Annihilation Guide: Core and Arm Defensive Buildings
    Total Annihilation has some of the most formidable defenses found in any strategy game. Heavy laser towers, plasma cannons, and guided missiles are all at your command. This guide covers all of the defensive structures in Total Annihilation so you can decide which to build.
  • Total Annihilation: XP supported, No CD Necessary
    Total Annihilation is a classic real time strategy title now available for download on Impulse, thanks to Atari. The operating systems that will support this version of Total Annihilation? XP, Vista, Windows 7 all run this download of Total Annihilation. No CD is necessary to play.
  • Total Annihilation: The Commander Pack
    The Total Annihilation Commander Pack is the final bundling of each Total Annihilation game featuring the ARM and CORE. The original Total Annihilation, the Core Contingency continuation, and the Battle Tactics expansion are included, as well as numerous multiplayer mode maps and units.
  • Overview of the Total Annihilation: Core Contingency Expansion
    Total Annihilation: Core Contingency is the follow on expansion to the successful and innovative RTS title Total Annihilation. Featuring additional units and maps as well as two full single player campaigns, the battle between Core and ARM continues in TA:CC

Warcraft III

  • Review: Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos for Windows PC
    The long-awaited successor to the wildly popular Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3 gave us so much more than a simple fantasy real-time strategy game.
  • Basic Warcraft III Strategy - Night Elves
    In Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne, players start the initial campaign playing the Night Elf forces. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the new buildings, units, and basic strategies of playing Night Elves in Warcraft III.
  • Warcraft III For Beginners - Human Basics
    When a player first begins to campaign in Warcraft III, they will likely start by playing the Human army. This guide will help to familiarize new players with basic play and structures used with the Human race.
  • Basic Warcraft III Strategy - The Undead
    We look at what sets the Undead army apart from the Human or Orc ones that you play earlier in the campaign. We also look at a few building strategies, how to make good use of units, and some neat tricks to lay waste to your enemies.
  • Retro Games- Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
    With the announcement of upcoming games in all three of their major franchises, Blizzard is on the tip of every PC gamer's tongue. Here we review the origin of the upcoming deathknight hero class, real-time strategic classic Warcraft 3.