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    • Starcaft II: Wings of Liberty and a History of the Series
      Stracraft was eagerly anticipated in 1998. The game was so eagerly anticipated that fans of Blizzard accused the company of orchestrating a conspiracy to take over the world by delaying the release of the CD. Ten years have passed with no sequel.
    • Starcraft Walkthrough: Protoss Missions 1-5
      This section of our Starcraft walkthrough will take you through the first half of the Protoss campaign. Not only must you defend Aiur from the ravenous Zerg, but you must also keep the Protoss ranks ordered. There are whispers of discontent within the Conclave, and not all is well on the homefront.
    • Starcraft Walkthrough: Zerg Missions 1-5
      This section of the guide will take you through the first five missions of the Zerg campaign. The Zerg excel at lightning-fast attacks and flooding their enemies with superior numbers. They are highly-evolved to be deadly, unflinching enemies. They are simple to learn, but difficult to master.
    • Starcraft 2 Beta Preview: Terran
      Starcraft 2 is now in beta, and boasts a number of exciting new changes to the existing races, including (but not limited to) new mechanics, new units and new spells for existing units. The Terran army bears a resemblance to its Starcraft days, but with some great new additions.
    • Rediscovering StarCraft: Six Mods for this Classic RTS
      StarCraft was an RTS adventure that took the gaming world by storm and over the last eleven years gamers have been steadily making changes and additions to your favorite game. We'll talk about 6 of the most popular and useful mods for StarCraft and what they can add to your StarCraft game time.
    • Starcraft Walkthrough: Terran Missions 6-10
      This second article in our series will take you through the latter five missions in the Terran Campaign. You will face new challenges. Each mission has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, including facing new enemies and Terran fighting Terran in the name of freedom.
    • Starcraft Walkthrough: Protoss Mission 6-10
      Having quelled the immediate dissent and rescued the rogue Templar Tassadar, you must now root out the heart of the cancer that is infesting both the heart of Aiur and the surface.Once the Conclave has been dealt with, it will be time to deal the final blow against the Zerg and drive them from Aiur.
    • Starcraft Walkthrough: Terran Missions 1-5
      This guide will take you through all the missions in the original Starcraft real-time strategy hit from Blizzard Entertainment. The missions are all linear and although you can play the campaigns in any order you wish, it is highly recommended to play them in order.
    • Starcraft 2 Beta Preview: Protoss
      The Starcraft II beta is out, and in typical Blizzard style, bears more polish and class than many a published game. This reviewer has been blown away by the phenomenal changes and upgrades to the graphics, gameplay and units. The enigmatic and powerful Protoss have received a considerable upgrade.