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    • Starcraft II: Protoss Strategy Course
      This article contains advanced build orders, strategies and unit combinations for the protoss race in Starcraft II and it is intended to serve as a reference point for both new and veteran players.
    • The Ultimate Guide to All Things Starcraft 2
      Here it is - Bright Hub's complete compilation of Starcraft 2 guides! Read about the history and future of the franchise, how to start your multiplayer career, and the strengths of each individual fighting unit. New and veteran players alike can hone their skills by reading these tips and tricks.
    • Starcraft II 101: An Introductory Course
      This article will explain the basic principles of Starcraft 2 multiplayer. It contains information on how to build a strong economy, how to control your army more effectively in combat and how the counter system works.
    • A Guide to the Starcraft II Single Player Campaign
      This article contains a detailed guide to completing all the missions in the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign, along with tips for the most difficult of the achievements.
    • Slogging Your Way Through Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Achievements
      Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has several hundred achievements, but many of them require thousands of hours of playing. How can gamers efficiently earn these achievements to unlock new profile portraits and unit decals?
    • Starcraft vs. Starcraft II: The Difference A Decade Makes
      The development and release of Starcraft II was different from most. Most sequels are crafted long after the first game has been discarded, but Starcraft II was produced while the original was played by professional gamers. Did the sequel manage to live up to its predecessor?
    • Starcraft 2 Mission Achievements Guide
      Starcraft includes a huge number of achievements that can be earned throughout different parts of the game. This guide lists all of the achievements related to the single player campaign.
    • Starcraft 2 Build Orders (Terran & Protoss) to Achieve Gold League
      Here are two powerful strategies that you can use, without extensive micro-management, in league games of Starcraft II.
    • Protoss Builds and Strategy for Starcraft 2
      An important part of learning to play a race in Starcraft 2 is learning a few opening build orders. This gives you a basic plan going into the game and influences what you'll be able to accomplish later. This guide covers several common Protoss builds.
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