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Guide to Federation Species in Star Trek Online

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

There are nine unique species on the Federation side in Star Trek Online, each with their own individual bonuses and traits. Our guide will help you figure out the difference between an Andorian and a Vulcan, and provide you with a full listing of traits for each Federation species.

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    Cryptic has long been known for the excellent character creation and customization options their games offer players, and Star Trek Online is no different. Fans of the Star Trek series will be pleased to learn that they can choose from a large number of races that have appeared on the show and in the movies over the years. Gamers also have the option to create their own custom race and introduce them to The Federation.

    Each race has its own set of bonuses and advantages to go along with their visual distinctiveness. Check out the full listing of racial bonuses:

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    Star Trek Online Andorian Species The blue-skinned Andorians hail from the planet Andoria. Members of this militaristic society tend to settle their disputes through ritual combat.

    Andorians are easily recognizable by their skin color, and by the antennae that protrude from the top of their heads.

    As a species, Andorians receive one bonus: Acute Senses, which grants a +20% bonus to stealth sight and a 10% bonus to exploit damage.

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    Star Trek Online Bajoran Species Members of the Bajoran species resemble humans for the most part, with the exception of a small set of ridges on the bridge of their noses.

    Bajoran surnames are placed before their given names, hence former USS Enterprise-D bridge officer Ro Laren being known as Ensign Ro.

    Bajorans receive two bonuses: Creative, a 5% bonus to damage and healing with kits, and Spiritual, a 10% bonus to both heals received and regeneration.

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    Star Trek Online Benzite Species Benzites, like Andorians, have a distinctive blue skin color. Benzites, however, have an extended nasal lobe and a set of facial tendrils that give them a catfish-like appearance.

    Benzites are unable to breathe a Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere, so many choose to wear respirators while others have themselves genetically altered to survive aboard Federation ships.

    Benzites receive two unique bonuses. Natural Armor is a bonus to energy and physical damage resistance and Natural Immunities provide a bonus to radiation and toxic damage resistance.

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    Star Trek Online Betazoid Betazoids are known for their telepathic and empathic abilities. They can sense the emotions of most other species, excluding Ferengi and some non-corporeal beings. It is incredibly hard to lie to a Betazoid, so they prize honesty in their interactions with others.

    Betazoids receive the Empathic bonus, which reduces threat generation and increased team regeneration, and the Telepathic skill, which increases perception and exposure attack duration.

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    Bolian Bolians are another of the blue-skinned species of Star Trek Online, and their unique mouth anatomy allows them to consume substances that many other species are forced to avoid.

    Bolians also have Corrosive Blood, which gives them a 20% bonus to toxic resistance and deals toxic damage to any creature foolish enough to bite them.

    Check out page two for the rest of the Federation species in Star Trek Online, including the Saurians, Trill, and Vulcans.

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    Star Trek Online Human Humans are by far the most common species in the federation (and in Star Trek Online). They are average in many respects, though they receive several bonuses that can benefit their entire group.

    The first bonus, Leadership, grants a 15% increase in repair rate. The other bonus, Teamwork, grants a 5% increase to exploit attack damage.

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    Star Trek Online Saurian Saurians are a reptilian race, famous for their intelligence as well as their skill in commerce. Saurian brandy is a frequently-mentioned beverage in the Star Trek series, and is renowned throughout the Alpha Quadrant

    Saurians receive the Circulatory Redundancies bonus, which grants them a resistance to toxic, fire, and plasma DoT damage, as well as the Acute Senses bonus, which gives them a +20% bonus to stealth sight and 10% bonus to exploit attack damage.

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    Star Trek Online Trill Species Trill are a unique species, in that they join with a host and completely take over their body. The actual being is fully contained within the host and invisible from the outside. Most Trill hosts bear a set of spots along the sides of their heads.

    Jadzia Dax, a main character on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, was a member of the Trill species.

    Trill receive the Hyper Metabolism bonus, which gives them a bonus to health regeneration, as well as toxic and radiation resistance.

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    Star Trek Online Vulcan Vulcans are perhaps the most recognizable of the Federation races apart from Humans. They are a logical species, having chosen generations ago to shed their emotions and follow the path of reason.

    Vulcans' training in logic gives them the Logical bonus, which grants a 30% increase to psionic, confuse, and placate resistance. They also receive the Physical Strength bonus, which grants a 10% increase in melee damage.

    In addition to each being's species-specific bonus, they are allowed to choose two or three additional characteristics. These additional bonuses, including things like Accurate, Warp Theorist, or Sure Footed, allow you to further customize your Star Trek Online character. Keep an eye out for a future guide to these bonus attributes.

    Choosing a species in Star Trek Online can be difficult, with all the excellent options available. If none of these seems to suit your playstyle, however, there is always the massive undertaking of designing your own species from scratch. You get to choose your own bonuses, but won't have access to any of those that are specific to the races mentioned above.

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