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    • Best Characters to Use in Soul Calibur IV
      The Soul Calibur series has been nothing but remarkable when it comes to next generation fighting games. Soul Calibur IV has a large roster of characters to select, with many of them having jaw dropping combos and weapons that complete their robust style.
    • Great Soul Calibur 4 Characters for Casual Gamers
      Casual Gamers of the Soul Calibur 4 franchise playing under Xbox and Playstation consoles will look forward to this list of characters that are most playable for them. Check out the top soft characters with each of their pros and cons in this article!
    • Basic Survival Tips in a Soul Calibur Match For The PS2
      The Soul Calibur series is one of the more intricate fighters, but most people think of it as button-mashing. When the pick up the controller against a more skilled player, they don't know what to do. The Soul Calibur series isn't that hard to play once you know a few basic tips to survive.
    • Soulcalibur Legends Review
      No, Soulcalibur Legends isn't a one-on-one fighter like the rest of the games in Namco Bandai's classic series, but if you give it half a chance, you'll find out its a pretty good action game in its own right.
    • Soul Calibur IV Review (Xbox 360, PS3)
      Do you wake up in the middle of the night, relieve your bladder, and find that your soul still burns? The only known cure is a 3am bout with Soul Calibur IV's extensive custom character creation engine, its oddball guest fighter roster, and rock-solid online gameplay. Others will not understand.
    • The Five Best Starter Characters in Soul Calibur IV (PS3, Xbox 360)
      A list of five Soul Calibur IV character that can help you hold your own against the game and other players.