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Rise of Flight: The First Great War Review

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Rise of Flight: The First Great War takes the flight simulation genre to new heights with an amazingly-realistic flight model, wonderfully-detailed planes and environments, and WWI air-combat that sets the bar higher for realism in flight simulations.

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    The Most Enjoyable Parts of Rise of Flight: The First Great War

    Rise of Flight: The First Great War takes to the virtual skies 

    Rise of Flight: The First Great War takes us back to the skies above the Great War with one of the best flight models you'll ever experience. The realism of all aspects of the flight properties of the planes, air-combat, and environments has been amazingly reproduced. The feeling of the wind buffeting the wings of your plane will shock you and thrill you the first time you feel it. The planes used in the Great War weren't the relatively stable and trustworthy flying machines you'll find in games like Black Shark and Cold War Gone Hot. Your guns will jam at the wrong moment, allowing your opponent to use your momentary lapse to get behind you, and before you know it you can hear, feel, and then see your plane disintegrate around you into a wonderfully orchestrated animation of destruction.

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    Rise of Flight: The First Great War is a challenging game that is very daunting for a casual gamer to attempt. Even for an air-war veteran, the steep learning curve of the combat and skill of the AI pilots you'll face off against is truly challenging. Black Shark is a better game in a few ways, but I would play Rise of Flight because of the difficulty of defeating the enemy pilots. The air-combat of the WWI portrayed in the presentation and game play of this title is the kind of chess match that really gets my juices flowing.

    The one dark cloud above this game is the lack of depth in a few areas that decreases the playability of this game. Firstly, in the campaign mode there are only two career-paths for you to take. Secondly, there are only two planes for you to choose from, although the game kept telling me that there were more available, which annoyed me. However, the developer has had their ear to the ground and they have released a patch to address these two points of contention.

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    The Graphics and Sounds of Rise of Flight: The First Great War

    The ground detail as you are flying at tree level above a small French village provides an amazing sense and feeling of speed as the ground goes past. Climb into the clouds to get a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside that provides a stunning feeling of altitude. The scaling in the views and objects in the distance are the best I've seen in a simulation game. It was nice not to see any obvious tilting of the landscape.

    The orchestrated songs included in the sound track of Rise of Flight: The First Great War rise beautifully to meet the action in the skies and add wonderfully to the energy of the combat. The sound of combat in the skies around you keeps you involved in the action around you and never lets you relax.

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    Learning Curve

    Rise of Flight: The First Great War isn't a flight simulation that's suitable for the casual gamer, but veteran aces are going to fall in love all over again. The challenge of defeating the enemy pilots and the realism built into all aspects of the presentation and game play make this title the flight simulator for pilots who love the sensation of flight.

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    The Final Word on Rise of Flight: The First Great War

    WWI flight simulators haven't been made since the days of Aces and Red Baron, so taking Rise of Flight: The First Great War across the virtual skies was a welcome feeling. Jump in the cockpit of the Fokker DVIII and you'll experience the feeling of virtual-flight as you have never felt it before, and I'm betting you'll be hooked.

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    Rise of Flight The First Great War for the PCRise of Flight The First Great War takes flight

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