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Tunnel Rats Review

by: Leon Eardley ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Tunnel Rats is a confusing video game with an inconsistent and uninteresting hero, unclear and ambiguous level designs and unsatisfying combat. In addition, this video game tries to entertain with large amounts of racism, blasphemy, and profanity that would make the devil blush.

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    The Best Parts of Tunnel Rats

    Tunnel Rats for the PC gamer 

    Tunnel Rats tells the story of a confused and war torn American GI taking part in the Vietnam War that's based on a movie of the same name. After his chopper is shot down, he goes on a one man hunt through the lush jungles of Vietnam, and the dark underground tunnels of a devastated Vietnam. The storyline is good in the beginning and as it progresses you're taken deep into the mind of the main character and his problems with the world around him and back in the states.

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    The Parts of Tunnel Rats That Need Improvement

    Tunnel Rats does contain lots of historically appropriate weapons for you to use that all feel appropriate when you use them and are satisfying for the most part. You do need to use strategy in the weapons you decide to carry but the problems with the weapons make using them frustrating and unsatisfying at times. The sights on your weapons are useless and don't allow you to aim straight. You can swing your knife around like a wild man in close combat and somehow never hit anything. You even have six grenades, but for some reason, I could only use one, the others just wouldn't allow me to throw them. They decided to make up for this fact by making your enemies far too easy to dispatch, instead of fixing the problem with the weapons. I guess this was easier but this contributes to making Tunnel Rats a poor video game.

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    The Graphical Presentation of Tunnel Rats

    The graphical presentation included with Tunnel Rats includes lush looking jungle environments with lots of dense foliage that are Tunnels Rats is based on a movie of the same name visually entertaining on the highest resolution settings. Turn down the resolution and you'll soon see lots of generic looking weapon models and bland textures in the environments.

    On the highest resolution settings the character models looked good from a distance but get up close and the faces and other features of the characters really look bad and uninteresting.

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    Want to Play Tunnel Rats Again?

    Tunnel Rats comes calling 

    Tunnel Rats is a poor video game that isn't much fun to play most of the time. You do get a nice selection of weapons to use but the weapons lack energy and entertainment value and some of them don't work very well. Your opponents are too easy to kill but they do make good use of cover in the environments and as long as you don't run in the open, you shouldn't have a problem beating this video game easily. In the tunnels your opponents will just stand around waiting to get killed and this part of the game play wasn't any fun or engaging to play. You're more likely to get killed by the traps the NVC have left in the tunnels for you to find. You'll get killed by punji sticks, tripwires attached to grenades, spiked arms that will jump out and holes filled with deadly spikes covered with mats. These traps are hard to see at first, and even after you learn to recognize them; you'll get accidentally killed occasionally. When this happens you have to start over from the last check point, since there's no manual save in Tunnel Rats.

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    The Final Line on Tunnel Rats

    Tunnel Rats isn't a video game I would suggest is suitable or going to be entertaining for any gamer to play. There are just too many Tunnel Rats problems with this $20 video game and too many other video games in this genre that are actually entertaining and satisfying to play, for anyone to spend much time with this title.

    If you are looking for a new, interesting, and refreshing look on the FPS genre than Tunnel Rats is sadly not the game for you, Tunnel Rats is not innovative enough to stand out on it's own and not polished enough to get ahead of its many competitors.

    The final line; I highly advise that you avoid buying Tunnel Rats.

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