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    • Test Your Resident Evil IQ
      Do you know which game was the main inspiration behind the making of Resident Evil, or which hilarious dialogue sparked off a popular Internet meme? Find out how much you know - or don't know - about Capcom's most popular survival horror game by taking our quiz.
    • Top 5 List of Essentials Resident Evil 6 Needs
      What are the top features Resident Evil 6 needs to bring the horror and the fun back, without sacrificing everything we loved about Resident Evil 5? Well, keep reading to find out what they are.
    • Resident Evil 5 General Hints and Tips
      Resident Evil 5 is a challenging co-op third-person action title and you’ll need to be at the top of your game to survive. This article offers up a few general hints and tips to help you through.
    • Interesting Facts about Resident Evil
      Did you know that some key gameplay elements of Resident Evil were actually inspired by an old RPG-styled horror game called Sweet Home? Here are some more fun facts about Resident Evil games.
    • Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles: Capcom's Rail Shooter's a Blast
      Capcom's series, Resident Evil, makes another appearance on the Wii through Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Like its predecessor, Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside is a rail shooter which its a fun play without too much in the way of depth or challenge. It's a must have for hardcore fans.
    • Resident Evil Archives: Part of a new breed of shovelware
      Survival horror makes its third appearance on the Nintendo Wii with the release of Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil. The game is essentially a remake of the Gamecube game (a remake in itself) by Capcom. Unfortunately, the game is basically identical and offers gamers nothing new or dynamic.
    • Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles Wii Review
      Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles feels familiar if you've played previous games in this popular franchise, yet will provide new players with a love for horror and gun play with an experience that will thrill and excite the senses. Step into a world of adventure; escape into the Umbrella Chronicles

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