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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "Landon Ricketts Rides Again"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Nothing brings an aging gunfighter out of retirement like a good old kidnapping. John and Landon fight their way through a squad of Mexican Army soldiers in order to rescue Luisa, then make a hasty escape on horseback. Shoot fast and ride faster in this Red Dead Redemption mission.

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    "Landon Ricketts Rides Again"

    Red Dead Redemption Landon Ricketts The "Landon Ricketts Rides Again" mission in Red Dead Redemption is a rescue. John and Landon head out to find and save Luisa from the clutches of the Mexican Army. Along the way you'll shoot a bunch of soldiers and learn to use dynamite safely.

    Just another day in the world of Red Dead Redemption.

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    A Possible Lead

    ew Red Dead Redemption Mount To get started, you'll have to find Landon Ricketts in the local saloon. He should be in the back room, seated with a few locals.

    His friends know a man named Escuela, but they don't know his first name. The sister of his friend has been kidnapped by the Escuela in question. Landon wants you to help rescue her.

    You can hop on the train with Landon or ride to El Matadero on your own. Either way is good, it just depends if you want to sit back and relax or be a little more active in your travel.

    If you take the train you can skip to your destination or sit back and enjoy the cinematic view of the journey.

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    El Matadero

    Revolver in Red Dead Redemption At El Matadero, you'll get the chance to walk through a creepy warehouse filled with hanging swine as you look for Carlos. He is in the back, chopping meat with a large cleaver.

    Carols offers to distract the guards while you and Landon sneak past. Follow Carlos and Landon out and around the shed, then take cover behind the indicated rock while Carlos does his thing. He eventually angers the guards enough to get them to chase him, and Landon decides it's time to make your move.

    Once inside, you'll be immediately attacked by a group of soldiers. Apparently Landon wasn't serious when he suggested keeping your gun in its holster.

    Work your way through, using the combat tactics that have gotten you this far. Don't forget to use your new Schofield Revolver that you picked up during the last mission. Landon is in a hurry, so you'll have to keep moving to keep up with him. Once you've cleared the way to Luisa's cell, Landon will try and blow it open using dynamite. Your task is to keep guard.

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    Landon's Explosive Personality

    Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite You're about to have some very angry company, so reload your gun and take cover. Several waves of soldiers will come at you, but you should have little trouble dealing with them if you pay attention to your mini map.

    Once Landon is ready, he advises John to take cover behind the table. Landon shoots the dynamite and the cell door disappears. Seconds later, he emerges with Luisa over his shoulder. Cover the two of them as they exit the cave. Outside you'll find some horses. Mount up and follow Landon into the canyon.

    The army is none too happy about you leaving with Luisa, and several more soldiers will attempt to stop you as you ride. Stay with Landon, and keep moving while you take them out.

    Once you exit the canyon, you'll have to wait for Carlos to return. He'll take Luisa with him and your rescue mission is complete.

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