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Red Dead Redemption Mission Guide: "A Gentle Drive With Friends"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Seth the grave robber is at it again, this time tracking down the final clues that will lead him to his map by searching the bodies of a few of the recently deceased in the "A Gentle Drive With Friends" mission. Your job is to drive the wagon and shoot anyone who might try and stop him.

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    "A Gentle Drive With Friends"

    Red Dead Redemption Contact Seth  In the "A Gentle Drive With Friends" Red Dead Redemption mission, you'll get a chance to experience what a hearse driver feels like on a daily basis.

    Seth will ask you to drive him and couple of his "friends" while he continues searching for his map. Get ready to multitask on this one, as both your driving and shooting skills will be put to the test.

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    Driving Miss Crazy

    A Gentle Drive With Friends Meet up with that lovable grave robber Seth out at Coot's Chapel and you'll get to accompany him on another errand. Walk into the yellow "X" near the graveyard to get started.

    Seth wants to take a couple of the recently deceased to a secluded location and search them for another piece of his beloved map. You, of course, are going to be in charge of driving the wagon they're loaded on while Seth begins his search.

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    The Worst Kind of Littering

    Drive and Shoot in Red Dead Redemption Hop up onto the driver's seat of the wagon to get started. Your destination is a ways away, out past Gaptooth Breech, and your drive will be a far from pleasant one, so be prepared to do a little simultaneous driving and shooting, just like the mission where you first met Nigel West Dickens.

    The path you have to take is a little circuitous, mostly because Seth doesn't want you driving past any major settlements while he's got exposed corpses in the wagon. About the time you first see the railroad tracks, a band of mounted treasure hunters will attack. Take them out quickly while keeping the wagon moving. Dead Eye can be very useful in a situation like this.

    Being shot at is bad enough, but it's when they start throwing flaming bottles that things get really hairy. Take out anyone with a bottle in their hand immediately. For a little extra fun, shoot the lit bottle out of their hand and watch them go up in flames.

    Red Dead Redemption Horseplay Keep an eye on your mini map for a warning when the next band of outlaws approaches. They'll show up almost immediately after Seth throws the first body from the wagon. Take them out much as before, being careful to keep the wagon moving.

    After Seth tosses the second body, another group of riders will attack. Same drill here, just be extra careful of those tossing molotovs. It might seem cruel, but if you can't get a good shot you may want to consider shooting their horses out from underneath them.

    After Seth finds the map, your destination changes to Tumbleweed. Seth will toss the final body from the wagon along the way, but thankfully no riders appear this time. Drive the wagon into the yellow "X" in town to finish the mission.

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Red Dead Redemption Seth Contact Missions

Seth is a strange fellow, preferring the company to corpses to that of the living. He's also obsessed with finding a mysterious treasure, and will do anything to get it. You'll have to help him find what he's looking for before he'll help you get into Fort Mercer.
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