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Punch-Out! Game Guide: Little Mac Heads to the Major Circuit

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The fighters in the Major Circuit of Punch-Out will mix up their shots, add new punches and counter punches as the fight progresses, and throw in a few moves you probably aren't expecting. We'll tell you about each of the fighters Little Mac will be facing and how best to deal with their punches.

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    Piston Hondo

    Punch-Out! for the Nintendo Wii 

    Little Mac is back in one of the 5 best Wii games for fighting fanatics. After Little Mac has taken care of the fighters in the Minor Circuit, the next step is for him to step up to the Major Cicuit of Punch-Out!. Below are all the fighters Little Mac must defeat to make it to the World Circuit.

    Piston Hondo has a record of 26 wins and one loss, with 18 knockouts. Hondo is the fastest and one of the more powerful fighters Little Mac has boxed, so far. This 6 foot 2 inch, 174 lb fighter is from the Land of the Rising Sun.

    Piston Hondo starts the boxing match with two attacks, and adds a third after you knock him down for the first time. Keep an eye on his twitching eyebrow, this is an indication that he's about to throw his left jab. If you time it right, you can dodge, duck or block his jab and deliver a counter punch. Dodge his right hook by ducking or moving to the left. After you knock Hondo down the first time he'll add a powerful right uppercut to his arsenal that you need to stay away from. Hondo also has a special attack called the Hondo Rush. This attack consists of three fast left jabs followed by an uppercut.

    You can avoid all of Hondo's normal punches if you keep dodging to the left. Try to block the three jabs in his special attack. If you try to dodge all three, you'll get hit. You need to get a feel for Hondo's timing and counter punch him to win. If you do this, it's easy to win with one punch knock downs.

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    Bear Hugger

    Bear Hugger is a tough opponent for Little Mac 

    Bear Hugger is a tough and burly lumberjack from the Canadian wilderness near Salmon Arm, British Columbia. He has a record of 17 wins and 12 defeats, with 10 knockouts.This 6 foot 3 inch and 440 lb fighter is 32 years old. Bear Hugger is the first fighter Little Mac has faced that can't be knocked down with one punch. Bear Hugger also hits very hard and can reduce Little Mac's health by half with a well placed punch.

    Bear Hugger is a hard puncher, but he only has three attacks for the whole fight. He'll throw a left hook that you should dodge to the left or duck under. You should counter when he throws his left hook because it's the easiest one to counter. His second punch is a straight right hand that can be dodged in either direction. This attack has a slight delay, so wait for a second until you see his hands rise up before dodging. His last attack is the Bear Hug, which he'll start using after being knocked down for the first time. This is his most powerful attack but he always screams "Need a Hug" before he attempts it, so you always know its coming.

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    Great Tiger

    Great Tiger is a tough fighter that requires skill to defeat 

    Great Tiger is the toughest fighter Little Mac has faced in Punch-Out!, so far. He has some very fast punches and a few mystical tricks he's hiding in his bag. He's a difficult opponent, until you learn the timing required to dodge and counter his punches. Great Tiger has three regular punches and a special attack that he can use. He has access to all his punches at the beginning of the fight. The first punch he uses is a simple jab, which is always preceded by the flash of the jewel in his turban. If it flashes gold, you can counter punch him for an easy star. If it flashes red, however, it's better to dodge his jab. If you try to counter punch him when it flashes red, he'll disappear in a flash of smoke and reappear with a fast uppercut that will hurt. You can dodge, block or duck his jab. His other two punches are both uppercuts. His right uppercut comes with a slight pause and should be dodged to the left. His left uppercut is much faster and should be dodged to the right. You can counter punch his uppercuts, but do so just before he throws them. Great Tiger also has a special attack called the Rushing Magic Attack. This attack is easy to see coming but hard to avoid. Great Tiger will teleport to the back of the ring and reappears with a ghostly double image of himself. Ignore the double and watch the solid Great Tiger. They'll switch places a number of times before rushing in for an uppercut. Dodge toward the real Tiger to avoid this uppercut.

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    Don Flamenco

    Don Flamenco goes for a little ride through the air 

    Don Flamenco is Little Mac's last opponent in the Major Circuit. He also throws a greater variety and number of punches than Little Mac's previous opponents. He does have a special attack, but after you get use to it, you should have no problem avoiding it.

    Don Flamenco begins the match with two regular punches and his special punch available. His two regular punches are both uppercuts. HIs first upper cut will be preceded by the phrase "Carmen, mi amore" and will be a punch with a delay. Wait until he stops talking before dodging left to avoid this attack. His second uppercut is preceded by the phrase "Toro" and is a much faster punch that should be dodged immediately. Before Don Flamenco uses his special attack, Don will back off and count to three in Spanish. He'll then throw three rapid right hooks that can be dodged or ducked to the left. Once you knock Don down once, he'll get another punch. This punch is a left hook with a slight delay. Wait until he utters the phrase "Ole" before dodging this attack. Once you knock him down a second time, Don will get yet another punch. This punch is a fast left jab that is preceded by two quick claps of his hands. You can dodge or duck this attack. After you knock Don down the second time, his toupee will come off when his health drops below 50%. When this happens, he'll add another punch, a left uppercut that has a slight delay.

    Little Mac has finished off the fighters in the Major Circuit of one of the best 5 Wii games for hardcore fighters, Punch-Out!.

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