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Unlocking The Crop Circles Mystery - Game Hints and Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Can you solve the Crop Circles Mystery game? This hidden object puzzle adventure is full of clues, useful tools and unusual items. Are aliens responsible? Find out details about this intriguing game and get a few tips to help you out during play.

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    About the Crop Circles Mystery Game

    The Crop Circles Mystery game screenshot Strange circular designs have been created in a farmer’s crop field. At the same time, storm activity has destroyed most of the farm’s buildings. A young girl is determined to solve the mystery and help rebuild the devastated farm. The Crop Circles Mystery is a hidden object game where items need to be located to help unlock clues, find tools and raise money to help the farm.

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    Game Play

    The Crop Circles Mystery The majority of the game is played in a variety of hidden object puzzle scenarios. You can play the game in Relaxed or Timed mode. Typically, a list of items is provided. These can be a variety of different objects, clusters of the same type of item, or things that a customer may wish to purchase (through the farmer’s market). The list of items is always listed in text. Players can click on an item to see an outline of the object they are looking for. A hint button can find a single item for you when it is pressed. This button refreshes slowly, but can be reused indefinitely during a game play level.

    In between farmer’s market hidden object levels, you can repair a portion of the farm that was damaged by the storm. This is a single building or structure. Once you click on one of the items, it is repaired and this mini-level ends.

    Other times during the Crop Circles Mystery game you will encounter a mini-level where a puzzle will need to be solved. This can be something like repairing a circuit board with multi-colored wires. These types of puzzles can be skipped if they are too tricky to solve (or you just don’t want to do it).

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    Hints and Tips

    • In the Farmer’s Market levels, each customer will request three items. When all are located, the customer leaves and money is earned. A new customer will arrive in their place with another set of items to find. If you are having difficulty with a particular customer, don’t worry as none of them will lose patience. Always try to find the items that are easy to locate. Once you have completed orders for the goal number of customers during the round, the level ends.
    • In some hidden object levels, certain objects can be difficult to find. Focus on finding as many of the easy to find objects first. For more difficult items, click the hint button and then click the item on your list that you are having trouble finding.
    • Use the journal to refresh your memory on some of the clues and items located throughout game play. This journal can be accessed by clicking on the book icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • When the hint button is refreshed, the alien eyes will appear open.
    • Tools that are located in hidden object scenes will automatically go into your inventory screen. Use them by clicking on the inventory menu icon. Select, click and drag the needed tool item to the location desired on screen. Locations that need tools will display white sparkly icons.
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    *Screenshot images for the Crop Circles Mystery game were created by Sheila Robinson.