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White Knight Chronicles PS3 Trophies

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the White Knight Chronicle game and the PS3 trophies that you can earn while playing the game.

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    White Knight Chronicles 

    White Knight Chronicles is a RPG (Role Playing Game) that Sony and Level 5 have put out for the PS3 gaming system. It was released in December of 2008 in Japan. It is also Level 5’s first outing for the PS3 console. There are single player modes and four player co-op modes to the game play. For the PS3, there are the following trophies that are able to be received through game play. If you are playing it, these are what you can get and how you can get them. They are sorted by lowest trophy to highest level trophy, from Bronze to Platinum.

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    Bronze Trophies

    Item Searcher – You will get this if you have collected a total of 100 things.

    Weapon Searcher – Get this for collecting 50 pieces of equipment.

    Bronze Star – You will get this when you master one weapon’s skill set.

    Copper Horn Ornament – You’ll need to defeat 100 monsters for this trophy.

    Seal of Pursuer – You need to get an “S” rank in five quests.

    Gaman’s Stone – If you synthesize 50 items successfully you’ll earn this.

    Bronze Medal – You need to rise to the GR4 (Guild Rank 4) successfully.

    Red Embroidered Pouch – You will need to get 100,000 Gilda for this trophy.

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    Silver Trophies

    Item Maniac – You will need to collect 300 items for this ornament.

    Weapon Maniac – You’ll need to collect 200 pieces of equipment for this trophy.

    Silver Horn Ornament – You must defeat 3,000 monsters.

    Seal of Elucidation – You will need to achieve the “S” rank in 20 quests for this.

    Amanda’s Ruby – For this trophy you’ll need to synthesize 200 items successfully.

    Silver Medal – You need to rise to the GR8 (Guild Rank 8) successfully.

    Silver Embroidered Pouch – You’ll need to get 1,000,000 Gilda.

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    Gold Trophies

    Item Collector – For this trophy you’ll need to collect 600 items.

    Weapon Collector – You must gather 500 pieces of equipment.

    Gold Star – You must master eight weapon’s skill sets.

    Golden Horn Ornament – You will have to defeat 10,000 monsters.

    Seal of Conquest – You will need to get to an “S” rank in 50 quests.

    Gamarone’s Diamond – You need to synthesize 450 items successfully.

    Gold Medal – You need to rise to the GR12 (Guild Rank 12) successfully.

    Golden Embroidered Pouch – This trophy is given when you’ve gathered 10,000,000 Gilda.

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    Platinum Trophy

    Platinum Crown – You must master everything that one can possess.

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    Through just average game play you can open up these trophies, once you get all the lower and mid range trophies, you’ll be able to achieve the highest level, the platinum trophy.