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Neverwinter Nights Prestige Classes: The Purple Dragon Knight Character Class

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, available with the ‘Hordes of the Underdark’ expansion and also present in the original Forgotten Realms settings.

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    The Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr are considered highly honourable across the land of Faerun, and it isn’t easy to enter such a Knightly order due to their adventurous nature and them being notably heedless of danger. The Purple Dragons are loyal to their King, and have a long military tradition in their defence of the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr. Like any other Knightly order they have a hierarchy and ranks which are strictly respected.

    Aside from the actual lore surrounding the Purple Dragon army, you can take a level of this class as any character you wish. There are no restrictions as to what race or class can play a Purple Dragon Knight, although obviously characters oriented towards combat usually favour better. However, oddly enough, a popular choice when playing a Purple Dragon Knight is a Bard. Remember that Charisma is an important attribute when playing this class, due to some of the spells involved.

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    Race, Skills and Feats requirements

    In order to play this class your character must be aligned as non-evil and non-chaotic. Although Knights can play as evil characters, most often in the form of Blackguards or opposing-faction Knights (i.e. the Nerakans in the Dragonlance campaign), it isn’t the case for Purple Dragons who are defenders of the emperor and defenders of the free-will of the people. All the usual skills will be available to you as a Purple Knight, including the craft skills, persuade and lore. Additionally, you will also be able to ride a horse with the ride skill. Requirements for the class:

    • Base Attack of +4
    • You need to be able to fight whilst riding a horse (Mounted combat). This requires 1 point of the Ride skill.
    • 1 point in Intimidate
    • 2 points in Listen
    • 1 point in Persuade
    • 2 points in Ride
    • 2 points in Spot

    The Purple Dragon Knight class only has 5 levels, not the usual 10.

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    Some Feats acquired

    Here are some of the feats acquired:

    Heroic Shield (Level 1) – You can boost your allies' Armor Class by 4 points for a single round.

    Fear (Level 3) – A common fear spell, which you are able to use once a day.

    Final Stand (Level 5) – You can boost the hitpoints of all your allies in the area of combat by 2D10 (depending on the roll). This is calculated by your level plus your Charisma modifier.