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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – Walkthrough – Pearl Harbor: Defending the West Virginia

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Pearl Harbor, 1941: The USS West Virginia is under attack by the relentless and unforgiving Japanese pilots. Zeros storm the skies and you, as Pvt.Thomas Conlin, must defend the battleship vigorously. This is the next part of our 'Medal of Honor: Pacific assault' walkthrough.

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    The USS West Virginia It is right in the heart of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, 1941, and the Zeros fill the skies and are driven towards one single mission: to cripple the US forces by sinking as many ships as possible. In this part of the game you are once again required to take control of Anti-aircraft guns in order to defend the West Virginia battleship. This mission is quite fun, even at difficult settings, and not as difficult as your previous encounter with Japanese planes and the 50. CAL gun.

    One of the more difficult hidden objectives of this whole level is to shoot down 60 planes, most of which are likely to come from the part in the PT boat and this level. Shooting planes right at the beginning of the level, where you are trying to run away, is particularly difficult; on the other hand, in this level you really have the opportunity to blast them away with the .50 CAL or the Quad-mounted AA gun.

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    Defend the West Virginia with the 50. CAL

    .50 CAL MG The level is really quite straight-forward and all you need to do is blast away. You will begin on top of the ship, where one sailor is attempting to make his escape by getting into a nearby plane. Unfortunately, as it is caught by a Zero, it does not end well and he dies.

    Turn around and go up the steps, then up again until you are where the action takes place. Sailors already have taken the Quad AA and are getting busy with the endless swarm that is up ahead. An objective comes up: the Nevada is trying to make its get-away but the Japanese are hammering on. You must shoot-down planes until it is able to escape. The first thing you'll want to do then is get on the .50 CAL gun and start adding your own contribution.

    At this point you will get no instruction from nearby sailors, meaning you won't know exactly where the planes are coming from, but just keep looking right and left until you spot some heading your way. Some will fly more towards the Quad AA than yourself. Also beware of planes getting by you at twelve o'clock, and flying overhead, as it can mean an objective-failure (especially in harder difficulty settings.) Lastly, don't bother shooting the bombers, the planes way up in the sky: waste of ammunition, they are too far.

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    Using the Quad Aa Gun

    The Quad AA, a manly weapon Once the Nevada is clear there is a massive explosion, which will undoubtedly rock you. A sailor who was manning the Quad falls injured (or dead) which means you'll take his place. Man the Quad AA gun and begin shooting. Being so massive, the recoil is heavy and you will loose some accuracy. Reload is also slow, but with its power you'll be able to shoot down planes at the first hit.

    Listen to your mate as he tells you which direction the planes are coming from. As you see the target increasing in size, aim and fire away. Planes come in groups of three so it is best to shoot just as they are clearly visible but not too near. This will leave you one last plane to shoot down as it is about to fly overhead.

    Hopefully the West Virginia still stands, and there are no more attacks; then the level will end and you will finally leave the 'Pearl Harbor 1941' theatre and move onto the jungles of Makin Atoll. That is all there is to it.

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