Mass Effect Series

Mass Effect

  • An Introduction to Mass Effect
    Looking for some information about Mass Effect? This introductory guide has everything covered, from basic gameplay, detailed guides for each class and notes on the special assignments.
  • Bioware's Broken Economy
    Bioware is known as one of the leading RPG developers, but all of their games share one problem: there is simply too much money floating around.
  • Guide to the Infiltrator Class in Mass Effect
    The Infiltrator class is a tech-based combatant, with skills to put enemies at a disadvantage and also to protect his squad. He can train with pistols and sniper rifles, so that makes him a reliable shooter as well.
  • Guide to the Engineer Class in Mass Effect
    The Engineer is the classic de-buffer in Mass Effect. He is an expert in repairing vehicles, bypassing security doors and objects, and hacking robotic creatures. You should have a good time toying around with your enemies and collecting items with the Engineer.
  • Mass Effect Basic Guide
    In order to have success in Mass Effect, you should understand how to fight, improve your skills, utilize each class, and make money. Here are some basic tips about battle, skills, business, and the six classes.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 3