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Madden NFL 09 All-Play Training Camp Advance Play -- Offense

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Week four of Madden NFL 09 All-Play Training Camp takes the offense through the Quick Time-out, Spike Ball, No Huddle, Fake Snap, and Pump Fake drills.

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    Use the your time outs wisely Spike the ball when necessary to save time The fake snap can fool the defense The pump fake can really hurt an aggressive defense 

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    Advance Play!

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    All-Play is the perfect vehicle for bringing Madden Football to the masses, but once they get the basics they always want to try the Advance Mode. Advance Mode adds in all the nail-biting excitement of a real NFL game, including delay-of-game penalties and clock management skills. We'll show you how to gain more control of on field players with Advance Plays for the offense.

    You need to turn off All-Play to try these drills. Do this by press the 1 button at the Side Select screen. You should see the "A Sports All-Play" logo disappear.

    Advance Play -- Offense

    Quick Time-out

    • Time-out management becomes a facet of clock management at several points in a game, but we'll concentrate on the two-minute drill scenario, which is when you have less than two minutes until the end of a game or half and you need to use your time outs at the right time to manage the time left. The quick time out option (- button) is useful and handy in situations when you need to quickly stop the clock and save time, just hit the button right after the play or you will have to enter the Pause Menu to call your time-out, which can waste time and make you rush play calls.

    Spike Ball

    • Another way to quickly stop the clock to save time if your trying to score before the time runs out is to use the quick Spike Ball option (press and hold the z button after the play). The Spike Ball option is found in the Special Teams set, but the pressure can build and cause you to panic when you're attempting to scroll through the playbook with the clock ticking down. The Spike Ball option will cost you a down if you use it, but it does stop the clock and give you time to think, during the crucial two minute drill scenario.

    No Huddle

    • The No Huddle option (hold the C button right after the play) is useful for a few situations, the most important of which is scrambling to the line to save time during the two minute drill scenario, but it's also an advanced offensive strategy referred too as the hurry-up offense. In this scenario you push and hold the C button after each play and immediately go to the line without huddling, which can frustrate the defense and keep them reeling play after play, if properly executed.

    Fake Snap

    • Using the Fake Snap (press the Z button + swing the Wii Remote back) is the best method aggressive defensive linemen to jump offside, especially during short yardage situations when they're thinking your running and you can get a first down with an offside penalty, you should occasionally give it a try. The camera will pull back quickly and briefly display the pass icons to make your opponent think it's a pass. Use this trick only occasionally though, if you use it too often you'll pull your own offensive linemen will start jumping offside.

    Pump Fake

    • A very useful option is the Pump Fake (hold the Z button and swing the Wii remote forward) play, a play designed to fool the defense into thinking your throwing the ball. This option will make the quarterback pull his arm back and forward as if he's passing to see if the defense will move toward the receiver you pretended to throw the ball too. Often this play is used to allow your receiver to draw the defensive back up to him, so he can then run by him, and go for the long pass. This play takes time to develop though and pass protection becomes an issue, so this play should be saved for a special moment when you think the defensive backs are aggressively covering the receivers and you need a quick score.