Left 4 Dead

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    • Left 4 Dead - Survival of the Zombies Attack
      Left 4 Dead is a bloody, action packed shooter Xbox 360 game filled with zombies. You must survive and escape. Can you handle it? Here's a look at the gruesome game details.
    • Left 4 Dead - Review of Left For Dead for PC - Zombies Have Never Been This Much Fun
      Left 4 Dead is the newest entry in the zombie horde genre of games. But this game brings forward some decidedly unique and compelling features that put it a step above the rest. Dive in and see what makes this title the definition of gaming enjoyment.
    • Left 4 Dead PC Cheats
      In Valve's scary zombie shooter, you need all the help you can get to survive the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, Brighthub is here with some killer cheats!
    • Left 4 Dead Survival: Hints and Tips to help you survive in Left 4 Dead
      Left 4 Dead by Valve Software is an intense survival horror first-person shooter which will test your reflexes and trigger finger, not to mention your teamwork acumen, to the limit. If you're having trouble surviving the zombie holocaust, these Left 4 Dead tips could help see you through.
    • Left 4 Dead Campaign Guide: Dead Air
      Francis hates airports, and so should you, so in order to get you from one end of Dead Air to the other as quick as possible, Vox has put together a full campaign guide, full of tips and tricks to get you home safe with most of your brains intact.
    • Left 4 Dead: Death Toll Campaign Guide
      Having trouble getting through the new L4D campaign, Death Toll? Special infected keep eating your brains? Can't find a molotov when you really need it? Well never fear. Vox has put together this guide to help you through the tough parts of Death Toll, so you need not fear the wrath of the infected.
    • Left 4 Dead: Blood Harvest Walkthrough
      Are you trying to reach the Echo military evacuation point at the end of Blood Harvest, but keep getting your brains eaten? Do you hate camping as much as Francis does? Well never fear. Vox has put together a guide to help you get all through the campaign with a minimum of brain eating.
    • Left 4 Dead: Weapon Guide
      When slaying your way through the hordes of infected in Left 4 Dead, one is often left to wonder: what is the best weapon for this situation? Should I be using the Assault Rifle over the Auto-Shotgun? Do I pick up the molotov or the pipe bomb? Well sit back, relax, and let this guide do the work.
    • Left 4 Dead: No Mercy Campaign Guide
      Have zombies got you down? Are you tired of getting your brains eaten in campaign and versus mode in Left 4 Dead? Well worry no more. Vox takes a look at the No Mercy campaign strategically, pointing out all the tips and tricks that will help you survive your next encounter with the undead.