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A Guide for Guild Wars Alliances and Faction

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Guild Wars is an in-depth game that can take months to learn. Discover the world of guilds, alliances, and faction with this Guild Wars guide and walkthrough. Understand why guilds want to join an alliance and how alliances affect the game. Which faction is right for you; Luxon or Kurzick?

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    What is a Guild, Alliance, and Faction?

    Guild Wars Logo Upon entering the very first Guild Wars city players can join a guild and alliance. These are categorized as small groups of people, up to 100 people in one guild, which have the same interests and share the same goals. Each guild can then be part of an alliance, up to 10 guilds in one alliance. This gives players access to up to 1000 people all working together.

    Having so many people to play with and learn from greatly benefits game play. However, some players prefer smaller guilds with close knit friends. Small guilds and alliances do have advantages while larger ones have some disadvantages. Trying out a few different guilds of multiple sizes and different people will help a player make his or her decision. A Guild needs to fit with the players game play style.

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    Guilds are the main focus of the Guild Wars game. While in a guild members get a cape and guild tag located after their names. Guild Wars Guild Group Photo There are thousands of guilds in the game that players can join. When someone is a member they gain access to the guild’s hall which holds many treasures. Guild leaders can buy merchants of all types; dye, rune, weapon, hats and place them in the guild hall for people to use. The guild hall is a central location for guild members to go to and do everyday activities in the game such as sell their stuff, get new skills, rune their armor, and have idol chit chat with other players.

    Guilds also have the opportunity to participate in Guild verses Guild (GvG) games which raise their ranks on the Guild Wars Ladder. One of the main things most guilds in the game do is join an alliance. Being part of an alliance allows for contact with additional gamers and therefore more people to play with.

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    Guild Wars Screen Shot An alliance is compromised of multiple guilds, no more than 10, which typically all play together. Having an alliance is beneficial because it allows for towns in the Factions campaign to be owned. If the alliance has more faction than any other alliance in Guild Wars it will be allowed to own a town. There are many towns in the Factions game for players to own. Owning a town gives alliance members access to a gated off area where certain benefits can be obtained such as fireworks and cheaper merchant prices.

    When players join a guild or alliance they will also be able to participate in Alliance Battles (AB). These battles can be located by talking to the NPC in each guild hall. The alliance and guilds will often combine forces and create teams to go and AB together and earn faction to get or keep a town.

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    Faction can be earned multiple ways inside the Guild Wars game. There is Luxon faction and Kurzick faction. Missions, Photo By Melina Ann Collison quests, killing enemies in specific areas, and much more will give out faction. There are also ways to raise the amount of faction your character can carry at one time by performing in game achievements. If a player spends 5,000 Luxon faction on a skill or gives 30,000 Luxon faction to their guild then they would lose that same amount of Kurzick faction. Players will lose Balthazar faction only be spending it.

    Spending faction is a fun way to pass the time. Balthazar faction is generally used to buy Z-keys and other items in the Guild Wars game and not for guilds or alliances. Elite skills can be purchased with faction so your characters do not have to go out individually to capture elite skills. However, players can spend faction any way they choose.