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Super Swing Golf: Tips to Make Your Swing the Stuff of Legend! (Wii)

by: TheKrakenIsMe ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Super Swing Golf Season One and Two are fine examples of fantasy golf, with an engaging cast of characters, tons of items to collect, and some very rewarding swing physics. Here are some tips to sculpt your sloppy swing into a glorious arc that displays all the beauty and grace in the world.

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    My first tip would be to tell you that you need to dismiss any notions of using the button-controlled settings or using a "cool guy/gal" swing where you barely flick your wrist with a bored expression from the couch. Stand up, pull your socks up as high as they will go, and roar as you follow through with your swing. This behavior is what the Wii is all about, and it's awesome.

    Now that you've resolved to stand, you should know that your stance is very important for consistently powerful and unerring swings. Stand and face 90 degrees from your television screen while planting your feet a little wider than your shoulder width. This will give you the best orientation for a steady swing-meter within the game.

    Once you've lined up your ball's flight path and are about to take your swing, pay extra attention to your swing meter at the bottom of the screen. The power bar (it's white and moves within your swing meter when you move the remote) should be centered on the "pangya" mark and unwavering when you are at rest. I find that I often have to rotate my wrists slightly clockwise until things look good.

    If your power bar is steady and centered, you may bring your swing up to the maximum power, press the A button, and release your swing. The release is especially important, as it will control hooks and slices and your ability to hit a "pangya" for extra points and distance. For the release, let your wrists relax on the downward swing, and follow through naturally. If you consistently hook or slice, you may be putting too much power behind the swing. Let gravity do most of the work and use a minimal effort to achieve a relaxed and professional followthrough.

    Remember that the ball lands a good 20 feet before the indicator on the map, and rolls the remaining distance. This is particularly important when you are shooting over water hazards, which can pull your ball down even more than usual. Use your tomahawk swing (if your special gauge is high enough) to nail those tricky over-the-water shots, as your ball will land closer to where it indicates on the map and will not roll. If you don't have enough gauge saved up, put a backspin on the ball, which will help it to fly higher and roll less.

    Mastering these techniques will shave strokes off your (virtual) game, boost your general level of confidence, rejuvenate damaged and lifeless hair, and may just give you the "eye of the tiger" needed to ask out that cutie in the corner of the pub. You can thank me later.

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