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God of War 2 Cheats and Tips for the PS2

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

God of War 2 is a sequel to the popular hack n’ slash action/adventure console game. Although Kratos has defeated Ares, he must make an epic journey through time to try and correct his tragic mistakes. Check out the following PS2 cheats and tips to help enhance your game playing experience.

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    How to get the Urn of Olympus

    God of War 2 boxshot Here is one of the great God of War 2 cheats that few people know how to get. First, you have to obtain the Spear of Destiny. Once you have it, find the Statue of Fate near the pathway (next to the water). Push it down the stairs and move it towards the edge of the water. Move Kratos to the other side of the path so that you are in a straight line from the statue. Activate “slow time" (L1 + R1) with your PS2 controller and move Kratos towards the large button on the floor. Head through the door and grab the Urn of Olympus and surrounding treasures.

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    How to get the Urn of Gaia

    God of War 2 screenshot The Urn of Gaia is located in the Colossus level in God of War 2. To get it, you will have to past a moving block puzzle, so make sure that you follow thid God of War II cheats guide to the letter:

    You will encounter a series of rooms and doors you will need to open. Look for a statue on top of a moving block. Destroy it and move the block into the next room which will have a series of doors on all sides.

    Continue to push the block into the room on the far right. Push the block until the end of the next hall. Now you will see the Urn of Gaia just above you. Climb on top of the block to reach the Urn and two blood chests.

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    Play the Mini Sex Game

    Yes, you read that right. And, for mature gamers, here is how you play this mini-game in God of War 2. In the first area of the game, locate the bath house. Go around the water and find two breakable screens. Bust through these to find a room with two topless women.When you walk up to them, a mini game will begin after pressing the circle button. The game will require a series of button presses. Afterwards, you will get a bunch of red and green orbs.

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    View God of War 2 in High Def Mode

    When you load the game, enter the following God of War 2 cheat code with your PS2 controller simultaneously before the Sony Computer Entertainment Presents screen appears: L1, L2, L3, Circle, and Square. If you get this code right, you'll get to see the whole game in High Def mode instead of like normal.

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    Unlockable Costumes and Weapons

    Hydra Armor

    • Complete game at any level


    • Complete game at Titan mode

    God of War Costume

    • Complete game at any level of difficulty

    General Kratos

    • Collect 20 cyclop eyes with the content sensitive move (O) button.

    God Armor

    • Receive god ranking in challenge mode

    Dark Odyssey

    • Complete game on God mode

    Blade of Olympus

    • Complete game on any level of difficulty. Then start a new game and include the bonus play option.


  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.