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QuickHit NFL Football Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Quick Hit NFL Football puts you in control of an NFL team. Be an armchair coach and call plays on offense and defense. Use your points to improve your players or trade fro new ones. Play in single player mode or against real opponents in multiplayer.

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    QuickHit Football Basics

    NFL QuickHit Football It can be tough to find great free NFL video games online since the best games can be found on console with the Madden NFL series. Quickhit NFL Football attempts to change that with its online football game. Players take control of an NFL teams and play either single-player or multiplayer games. While the graphics don’t compare to madden and you can’t control individual players you can call plays from your playbook and see the play carried out on the field. You’ll start the game with a few plays but as you win you can use your coaching points to buy new plays. In addition to new plays you can also upgrade your players statistics and trade for new ones or get them via the wire. Players also include many hall of fame players from the past. There’s also a membership option where you will get more options in the game and eliminate the banner advertisements but the bulk of the game is free.

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    Game Play

    NFL QuickHit Football Quick Hit Football is one of the best free NFL video games to play but the lack of ability to completely control your team may turn off some players. You can however call plays such as cover, shotgun, and other plays. You’ll have a play clock so you need to quickly decide what plays you want. You can also call timeouts in the games too there’s single player exhibition challenge mode for rookies where you’ll start in different quarters and you may be up by a few points which can help new players learn the game. If you have a basic knowledge of football plays this game will be pretty easy for you but will get harder as you improve. The game features season play, division challenge, coaches challenge, and a draft challenge where you can plays against teams stacked with the best draft picks from the league.

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    The playbook is where you can buy new plays and you’ll find a whole host of different plays to choose from. You’ll start with the basic moves and then as you level more advanced plays such as power tosses, deep cross, more cover plays, advanced kickoffs, advanced returns, and more. The game has thirty levels of plays currently you can choose from. New plays will cost you coaching points or game cash. You’ll receive coaching points after every game to spend on your plays or upgrade your players. With a game membership you’ll receive some game cash every month.

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    Player Training

    Once great aspect of the game is player training after you reach level ten. After level ten you can begin to train individual player skills you have skills such as speed burner which will improve a player overall speed. Nose for the ball will allow for a crushing hit. For your offensive players you have skills such as sticky fingers which allows the player to hold onto more balls or crisp routes allowing your player to get passed the coverage with precision running. Each player training will cost coaching points. The ability to upgrade your players with different skills can give your team an entirely new look on the field.

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    QuickHit Football offers a lot of options for an online football game. While this isn’t EA Sports Madden football it’s still worth playing and it looks pretty good for an online game too with new 3D elements. It would be beneficial to purchase a membership but it’s not required to enjoy this game.

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