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Fable 2

  • Fable II Xbox 360 Review
    Fable II is an improvement from the original Fable, an imaginative and rewarding adventure, and one of the best Xbox 360 exclusive role-playing titles available for the Xbox 360.
  • Fable II Easy Cheats and Tips
    Some cheats to get easy experiences and easy money in Fable II for the XBOX 360 platform. Stated also in this article some easter eggs in-game concerning the game series or other matters.
  • Fable 2: Achievement Guide for the Xbox 360
    Last part of the series on the Fable 2 achievements that you can receive.
  • Review: Fable 2
    How does the follow-up to one of the best RPGs of 2004 stack up? Find out inside.

Fable 3

  • The Everything Fable 3 Guide
    Reviews, walkthroughs, achievement and collectors guides have all been compiled right here for your convenience. Fable 3 is a continuation of the fabulous series and considered by many to be a fine RPG in this console generation. To learn more about this new entry, look inside.
  • Fable 3: Gnomes are Great! and Gnomes are Evil! Walkthrough
    This part of our Fable 3 side quest walkthrough covers two side quests: "Gnomes are Great!" and "Gnomes are Evil!". Brian has devoted his entire life to the acquisition and care of garden gnomes, an unhealthy obsession that certainly cannot have any negative repercussions...
  • Fable 3 Leaving the Castle Guide
    The next part of our Fable 3 walkthrough covers the second storyline mission, entitled "Leaving the Castle". The winds of change are blowing; time to strike out on your own and start a revolution.
  • Fable 3 "Kidnapped" Side Quest Guide
    This part of our Fable 3 side quest walkthrough covers the quest "Kidnapped", acquired in Bowerstone Industrial. Laszlo/Linda's fiancee has been kidnapped by the nefarious scoundrel Nigel Ferret; are you brave enough to perform the daring rescue?
  • Fable 3 "Bored to Death" Side Quest Guide
    This part of our Fable 3 side quest walkthrough covers the quest "Bored to Death", acquired in Mourningwood. Ghostly brothers Sam and Max are bored. They want you to find their mother's grave and dig it up to unearth the Normanomicon, an unholy book of necromantic power.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

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