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Doom 3 Level-by-Level Guide - Alpha Labs 1: Level 5 of Doom 3 Complete Walkthrough

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Complete level-by-level guide to the Doom 3 game This is a complete walkthrough of level 5 of Doom 3, Alpha Labs 1.

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    Alpha Labs Reception

    Use the panel on your right to open the door and reveal an ominously dark room. Switch on your flashlight and enter, there’s a medkit to your left and four zombies to your right. Kill the zombies and you’ll find a medical station tucked away on the right which you can use to recharge and you should find some armor and ammo by searching around. Head to the desk in the centre of the room and activate the control panel and then proceed through the door.

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    Atomic Stabilization Hub

    There will be three z-secs waiting there, probably off to your right, take them out and grab the armor shards in the top right corner and then head left. You’ll find a zombie in the next corridor and then opening the door at the end will reveal an imp who will jump at you. Once he’s down and you enter the next room the door at the far end will open and reveal a group of z-secs.

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    EPD Lab

    When you jump into the room on your right with the big laser machine in it, two imps will spawn in; one on either side of you. Kill them and then crouch to search under the stairs on the left for a medkit. Head past the laser and up the stairs and enter the room on the left, everything will go spooky for a moment, there will be a z-sec and a zombie to kill and then an imp will come in the door behind you. Grab Kyle Berger’s PDA and the disk off the desk. There’s a medical station in the corner of the room so recharge before progressing through the other door where you’ll find another imp. Head right and use your flashlight to find some armor then head back the other way to activate the control panel in front of the laser.

    Now you want to go back out of this area; instead of turning right back to the laser, take a left and go through the door. Use the code from your PDA in Kyle Berger’s audio log which is 752 to open the supply cabinet on your left. Proceed through to the next room and during a break in the laser firing run along the corridor it fires down and quickly hit the panel at the end on the right, then crouch and climb inside. There will be a z-sec waiting at the other end and then a zombie to your left and another one down the stairs. Head to the desk on your right and grab the armor shards then go through the door and grab the medkit on the left before heading along the corridor. Take out the imp and the two zombies and don’t worry about the maniacal laughter.

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    EPD Particle Emulsifier

    Head into the darkness where the zombies came from on your right, you’ll find another three zombies to kill and then up some stairs to the right you’ll find a PDA belonging to Jack Smith. Use the control panel to turn off the gas leak and then head back the way you came and through the next door. There will be a couple of z-secs and an imp in the next corridor and to your left an alcove with some goodies to pick up. Go through the next door and you’ll trigger a cut scene, you’re about to meet the maggot.

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    EPD Containment Purge

    The maggots are fast moving and jump around all over the place so take them out as fast as you can. You’ll see a panel collapsed on the floor to your left, jump down and crouch to enter and crawl along under the floor take a left and then second on your left until you reach the opening. Climb out and grab the pick ups, then climb back in and take the first right. Jump up into the room and you’ll find a couple of zombies, there are also some pick ups in the top right darkened corner. The door next to where you jumped up won’t open properly so head round to the right and you’ll find a corridor with a door at the end. Open the door and shoot the exploding barrel at the end to take out a z-sec. There will be a walkway bridge to your right, be careful when you step on it as a panel will collapse, jump over and continue through the door.

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    Hydrocon Oxygenator

    A barrel will drop down to your left and a z-sec will attack you. As you advance the imp to your left will throw more barrels, take the stairs up at the end on the left and waste him and then grab the medkit and ammo before progressing through the door at the end. Head up the stairs to your left and watch out for an imp at the top and then another one behind you. Take the next set of stairs on your left and go through the door at the top. You’ll find some ammo on the corpse. Head through into the next room and things will turn creepy again and then two imps will spawn in, one in front and one behind you. Head round to the left and through the next door.

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    Hydrocon Control

    You’ll find a zombie in here and the door to your right will be locked; grab the disk off the desk and take the left door. Kill the maggot and head round to the left, kill the zombie and the imp then use the computer terminal. To the left you’ll find a ladder; follow the passage round and chat to scientist G. Kreitman.

    Zoom through under the piston door when it lifts up and to your left you’ll find Bernie Lipsitz’s PDA on the floor. You’ll find armor and a medkit on the other side of the room. Once you have everything drop down the hole in the floor and you’ll find yourself back at the door you couldn’t open before, but you can now so activate the control panel and head through. You’ll find a couple of zombies inside and pick ups to your right, then head left and take the next door. Two maggots will jump down from the walls, head past the Hydro Con and when the door to the next room opens shoot the exploding barrel to take out another maggot. Grab the stuff on the shelves to your left and use the medical station if you need to then go through the next door.

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    Alpha Labs Main Junction

    Turn right and go through two doors and you’ll find another maggot, then crouch down in the collapsed panel on the floor and grab the pick ups, watch out for a z-sec entering the corridor behind you. Head through the next door and pause, five maggots will jump down and attack you. Once they are done grab the pick ups and look in the top right corner to find armor. Activate the lift, climb in and you’re done.

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