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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 – Walkthrough – Chapter 6

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Chapter 6 of our walkthrough deals with the Foucarville blockade, where Baker’s fire team must break through an important strategic point in order to take control of the town.

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    Introduction - Road to Hill 30 - Walkthrough: the Foucarville Blockade and Baker's Fire Team

    In the previous chapter Baker cleared the way toward a small village in Normandy in order to eventually take control of it. We met Garnett and Allen who helped in the latter stages, and they complete our fire team for this chapter.

    Foucarville blockade The aim of this chapter, the Foucarville blockade, is to eventually take control of the town and hold your position, so that the enemy is unable to move further supplies or reinforcements.

    Continue reading and you will be able to complete this level without hassle, by taking the proper vantage points and positions in order to clear the area.

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    Break through the Blockade

    Through the house 

    The first thing you want to do is to pick up the M1 Carbine off the dead body, replacing it for your .45. Move forward but take care not to stand in the middle of the road, as Germans are all over the length of the street. Place your fire team behind the truck and head left, into the alley and inside the house: be careful as there is a soldier waiting right nearby! There are also soldiers on the far side so be quite quick in getting into the house.

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    Inside the house 

    Once into the house order the fire team to suppress the nearest German soldier: take out the ones hiding behind the barrels, by strafing from the door. Eventually there will only be two soldiers at the far side, behind a barrel: move your team closer, suppress and get rid of them.

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    Getting to the Church

    Move the fire team to the nearest wall, and run toward the garage taking cover at the back. Order your team to suppress and gradually take out the two soldiers.

    Path to the MG Move toward the back, inside the enclosed section, then through the door. Get your team behind the wall on and yourself through the other side to eliminate the Germans opposite. Go toward the area they were standing: strafe for two more soldiers at the MG post. Lastly quickly cross the road to get to cover: there is another MG smack in the middle of the road (look at the image if you have trouble with the path.)

    Once you’ve reached the other side of the road, crouch quickly and move your troop behind the earth mound for cover. Take out the two soldiers opposite and move along the bushes: you’ll soon encounter the MG post and another two soldiers which are easy to take out.

    At this point you’ll have overcome the blockade to move to the church: we will finally free the town of Foucarville.

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    The Church and the Mortar positions

    Before approaching you will need to take out four soldiers, two at each side of you. Take cover behind the mound of earth nearest and keep on crouching and standing up to pop them: remember to keep the fire team suppressing.

    Machine Gun 

    After that you’ll reach the Church’s steps. Go up and turn right, crouching still. Keep your fire team with you as the Germans will soon realise you are trying to attack from the back. Just shoot your way through here by taking cover behind the tombs.

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    The Machine Gun Follow the marker and take charge of the MG ahead of you. Enemy troops mainly breakthrough from straight ahead, but note that once they seem to be over they come from ten or eleven o’clock.

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    Mortar posts Lastly, follow the marker and take out the mortar positions. Not hugely difficult, apart for the fact that you are exposed. Keep right then crouch at first to take out the first one. For the last there is a mound you can use as cover.

    Foucarville is freed!

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