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Nightmare Creatures: A Legacy of Terror

by: Jake3176 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Terror stalks through the city of London, searching for victims and longing for blood.

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    Our Story begins..

    It was a dark and stormy night and…oh wait that’s not right at all. Lemme start again. In 1997, this game was produced by Activision for the PC, Playstation and the Nintendo 64 in ’98. A tale of darkness and woe strewn across the history of London, from the shadows and catacombs under the great city. A secret society known as the Brotherhood of Hecate wanted to create a race of superhuman beings to poise in dominating the planet and wreaking havoc and destruction for whoever dare interfere with their sinister plots. The Brotherhood went about creating this new breed of man by stealing corpses, utilizing plagues, rabies and other components only to find out the viral agent did not make supermen but ravenous beasts. Through the acts of one of the Brotherhood, Samuel Pepys set a fire to the warehouse that held the laboratory, the notes, the creatures and some of the Brotherhood that were mad with dreams of conquest went up in The Great Fire of 1666. All knowledge of this unspeakable evil had been wiped out with the exception of Pepys’ meticulous diary.

    170 years later a disrepute scientist finds said diary and proceeds to gather funding and powerful allies allowing him to re-create the Brotherhood’s abominations. Only through the efforts of Father Ignatius Blackward and Nadia F, London and the world itself, stands a chance against the nightmarish creatures.

    While this game was originally formatted for Windows 95, XP handles it rather well. Mind you I had to use a cd-rw to even install the antiquated game but hey at least I didn’t need a SCUMM drive. After testing this older game out again I am certain to enjoy jumping back into this particular horror but with the lights on. Yes I am a sissy and I live with it quite well.

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    Monsters of London

    Okay so this is a horror based action/adventure game. Defeat the creatures and move on to the next level after trouncing the level boss right? How bad could they be? Well I am glad you asked. Let’s get started shall we?


    You have two types of zombies. One is the standard slow shambling creature and the other moves faster and is stronger by far. They usually travel in duo so stay alert. Save the slow one for last kiddies. Did I mention they are just out and about for a quick meal of brains? Hmm, must have skipped my mind.


    Lycanthrope. Loup Garou. Call it what you will but know this, they are mean, fast and damn impressive fighters. Defending against your best strikes, they can also counter-strike back and bound after you rather well. A series of slight kicks and roundhouse sweeps about all that can take them down.


    Yes winged, fire breathing creatures from Hell. Swoop attacks from above and fire breath seems to be their cup of tea, assuming you have the nerve to serve them one. Surprise, surprise they are resistant to fire attacks.